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Dark Star Orchestra, Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl Live Show, Dark Star Orchestra, LINQ Las Vegas

Dark Star Orchestra recreated another Grateful Dead show, live at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. The Dark Star Orchestra started playing in 1997 and hails from Chicago.

The Brooklyn Bowl continues to rock Las Vegas every week with live shows inside a fantastic huge space. Located in the LINQ District.

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The Brooklyn Bowl provides several layers of entertainment along with live shows — bar, restaurant, two stories, casual seating areas, deluxe bowling with leather couches, and patios on both floors to overlook the cobblestone LINQ District.

Dark Star Orchestra played two long sets and delighted the crowds.

Dark Star Orchestra, Recreating Another Grateful Dead Show, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Brooklyn Bowl Show, Dark Star Orchestra, LINQ Las Vegas

The environment of the Brooklyn Bowl always seems casual, friendly, and fun.

Crowd Jamming to Dark Star Orchestra, Grateful Dead Tribute Bank, Brookly Bowl Las Vegas

Dark Star Orchestra, Brooklyn Bowl LINQ Las Vegas

Parking is simple at LINQ District, either valet up front or spacious parking in the rear. Walking is easy plus you catch a fine view of the High Roller Ferris wheel.

Parking Lot of LINQ District, High Roller Ferris Wheel, Las Vegas

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