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Expansive Housing Development Planned Near Red Rock Canyon

A significant new housing development is underway in northwest Las Vegas, promising to bring over 3,000 homes to the area. The project, spearheaded by Olympia Companies, is set on a 505-acre plot of former federal land, strategically purchased for $55 million from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in a November auction. This development is situated near Centennial Parkway and Avery Landing Street, not far from Centennial Hills Hospital and the 215 Beltway.

Olympia Companies, under the leadership of CEO Garry Goett and Executive Vice President Chris Armstrong, has a history of successful developments, including Southern Highlands and Skye Canyon. The company’s vision for this new community mirrors the quality and variety seen in their previous projects. The development will offer a mix of entry-level, first move-up, and executive-level homes, ensuring a diverse residential environment.

Community and Infrastructure

The new community will not only provide a substantial number of homes but will also feature an extensive trail network connecting primary and secondary parks. This network will offer a seamless transition to the neighboring Red Rock National Conservation Area, providing residents with easy access to outdoor recreational activities. In partnership with Las Vegas and the BLM, Olympia Companies will also design and construct a park that will serve as a gateway to the Red Rock conservation area, enhancing the community’s appeal to nature enthusiasts.

Addressing Infrastructure and Growth

One of the key challenges of this project is the extensive infrastructure required to support it. This includes essential services like water, power, and roadways. Chris Armstrong emphasized that the development would follow a “growth pays for growth” model, where the costs of infrastructure are borne by the developers, ensuring that the financial burden does not fall on the existing community.

Economic and Social Impact

This development comes at a critical time for Las Vegas, which is currently experiencing a housing crunch. The addition of more than 3,000 homes is expected to alleviate some of the upward pressure on housing prices. This move aligns with calls from industry experts and politicians who have urged the federal government to release more land for development to meet the growing housing demand in Clark County.

Commercial Integration

To complement the residential areas, the development will also include commercial projects. These will provide necessary amenities and services to the community, further enhancing the livability of the area. This holistic approach ensures that residents will have convenient access to shopping, dining, and other essential services.

Future Prospects

Construction is set to begin by the end of 2026, with a completion timeline of eight years. This ambitious project not only aims to provide housing solutions but also to create a vibrant community that integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings. By incorporating extensive green spaces and recreational facilities, Olympia Companies is setting a new standard for residential developments in the region.


The new housing development near Red Rock Canyon represents a significant investment in the future of Las Vegas. With its strategic location, diverse housing options, and integrated infrastructure, it promises to be a landmark community that addresses the city’s housing needs while offering residents unparalleled access to natural and recreational amenities.

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