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Hyde Bellagio, Nightclub

The Hyde Bellagio is an intimate, classy mix of lounge and nightclub. In the evenings the large patio opens wide, letting fresh air fuse with cool fountain spray, then roll in to refresh the crowds. You can wine, dine, and dance while watching the choreographed water show.

Two nights back I joined a small group of friends for Paul Youngblood’s 26th birthday party. We drank, danced, felt confetti stream down, and a saucy girl bit my business card. I plan to return to Hyde soon for a longer evening and extensive write-up.

Later we stopped in at the Velveteen Rabbit for early morning cocktails, then finished at Gold Spike in the downtown district. Downtown has transformed itself into an artsy, hipster area that is great for hanging out with friends, playing a variety of board games and old school video games, meanwhile enjoying reasonably-priced drinks. Zappos and Tony Hsieh have helped this effort considerably.

Group Next to our Bottle Service, Hyde Bellagio, Nightclub Las Vegas

Paul Youngblood and Brittany Angeline McLemore, Hyde Bellagio, Nightclub Las Vegas

Confetti on Dance Floor, Hyde Bellagio, Nightclub Las Vegas

She bit my business card. Hyde Bellagio, Nightclub, Las VegasBrendan Magone & Paul YoungBlood, Velveteen Rabbit, Las Vegas

Fun Friends at Velveteen Rabbit


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