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Hyrox Fitness Race, Events Around the World

One of eight stations, plus eight 1K runs!

Hyrox Fitness Race: The World Series of Fitness

Hyrox is a fitness race series that has gained global attention for its inclusive yet competitive nature. It’s branded as “The World Series of Fitness,” and is designed to be accessible to participants of all fitness levels, from everyday fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes.

Race Breakdown The Hyrox race is unique in that it combines endurance running with functional workouts. The format is straightforward, consisting of:

  • One Kilometer Run
  • One Functional Workout
  • Participants repeat these steps eight times over the course of the race.

Elite athletes typically complete the race in about an hour, while others may take around ninety minutes. The functional workouts vary per event but exclude highly technical lifts like snatches or clean & jerks, favoring movements that are more accessible to the general population​​.

Global Reach Hyrox events are held worldwide, in indoor arenas capable of hosting up to 3,000 participants per day. The events happen on a near-weekly basis, ensuring that wherever you are, you have the chance to join this growing fitness community. Moreover, the race is standardized so that wherever it is held, participants are competing in the same race and on the same course.

Divisions and World Championship Hyrox offers a variety of divisions for competitors, including Singles, Doubles, Men’s, Women’s, and Pro categories. These divisions are further divided into age groups, allowing for a broad range of participants to compete fairly. The top 20 ranked athletes by time in each age group qualify for the Pro division, and they have the opportunity to be invited to the World Championship based on their performance. The entry fees for these events range from $100 to $130 for individuals and $160 to $199 for doubles​​.

Winners and Records The current record holders in the Hyrox World Records have set impressive times in their respective categories. Notably, Hunter McIntyre holds the Men’s Pro division record with a time of 54:07 minutes, set in Barcelona in March 2023. On the Women’s Pro side, Megan Jacoby set a world record of 58:58 minutes in Anaheim in April 2023, making history as the first woman to finish under 60 minutes. These records illustrate the high level of competition and the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished within the Hyrox races​​.

Accessibility and Training Hyrox prides itself on being open to all, regardless of athletic background. It’s not just for the elite; it’s designed for every body. To help participants prepare, Hyrox has gym affiliates globally where one can try out workouts before committing to an event​​.

The Competitive Edge Participants in a Hyrox event wear timing chips, ensuring that their personal time running the race is accurately measured against global rankings. This not only provides a competitive edge but also allows individuals to track their personal progress over time.

Conclusion Hyrox is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of fitness and community. Whether you’re there to compete against others or simply to beat your personal best, Hyrox offers a platform that is both challenging and rewarding. With events spread out across the globe and various divisions to choose from, Hyrox is paving the way for a more inclusive approach to fitness competition.

For more information on the Hyrox fitness race, you can visit their official website or social media channels, where you can find detailed information about upcoming events, training programs, and community stories.

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Conquering the Arena: A Comprehensive Guide to the Epic HYROX Fitness Race


In the realm of fitness competitions, the HYROX race stands out as a true test of endurance, grit, and determination. This grueling event, dubbed the “World Series of Fitness Racing,” pushes participants to their limits through a series of functional workouts interspersed with 1-kilometer runs. With over 40 events held worldwide and attracting over 90,000 athletes, HYROX has become a global phenomenon, captivating fitness enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Race Breakdown: Putting the ‘Functional’ in Fitness

The HYROX race format is designed to challenge every aspect of fitness, from cardiovascular endurance to muscular strength and power. Participants navigate eight stations, each featuring a unique functional workout, separated by 1-kilometer runs. The standard weights for each exercise are as follows:

  • Station 1: SkiErg (1,000 meters)
  • Station 2: Sled Push (2 x 2 meters, 152 kg sled)
  • Station 3: Sled Pull (2 x 25 meters, 103 kg sled)
  • Station 4: Burpee Broad Jump (80 meters)
  • Station 5: Rowing (1,000 meters)
  • Station 6: Kettlebell Farmers Carry (2 x 24 kg kettlebells, 200 meters)
  • Station 7: Sandbag Lunges (20 kg sandbag, 100 meters)
  • Station 8: Wall Balls (6 kg medicine ball, 100 repetitions)

Where the Action Takes Place: HYROX Venues

HYROX races are held in expansive exhibition halls, creating an immersive and electrifying atmosphere. Spectators can cheer on their favorite athletes from start to finish, adding to the thrill of the competition. The consistent race format across all HYROX events ensures that athletes compete on a level playing field, regardless of location.

Celebrating the Champions: HYROX Winners

The HYROX competition attracts elite athletes from around the globe, each vying for the coveted title of HYROX champion. In recent years, several standout individuals have made their mark on the HYROX stage, showcasing their exceptional fitness and mental fortitude.

  • Rebecca Voigt (Germany)

A 6-time HYROX World Champion, Rebecca Voigt is a force to be reckoned with in the women’s elite category. Her impressive record includes numerous podium finishes and overall victories in HYROX races worldwide.

  • Amaury Goethals (Belgium)

A 3-time HYROX World Champion, Amaury Goethals has consistently demonstrated his dominance in the men’s elite category. His combination of strength, endurance, and strategic racing has earned him a reputation as one of HYROX’s top competitors.

Tips for Conquering the HYROX Arena

If you’re considering taking on the HYROX challenge, here are some tips to help you prepare and perform at your best:

  • Train consistently and incorporate a variety of functional exercises into your routine.
  • Practice pacing yourself during workouts to maintain a steady effort throughout the race.
  • Develop a mental strategy to stay focused and motivated during challenging moments.
  • Fuel your body with proper nutrition and hydration to support your performance.
  • Seek guidance from experienced HYROX athletes or coaches for personalized training advice.

Conclusion: A Fitness Adventure Like No Other

The HYROX race is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a journey of self-discovery, pushing individuals to their limits and beyond. For those seeking to test their fitness and embrace the thrill of competition, HYROX offers an unparalleled experience. So, lace up your shoes, prepare your mind, and embark on the ultimate fitness adventure. Conquer the HYROX arena and discover the champion within you.

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