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I’m quite certain my immigration solution would anger everyone on both sides of the political divide. I’d build a wall, grant amnesty, and rigorously enforce criminal law.

The Wall: I agree that you don’t have a country without enforced borders. I’d favor a virtual wall that is thick with border patrol officers. It would tighten up illegal entry and alleviate unemployment. One way or another, with a physical wall or a virtual wall, we really ought to know who is coming in.

Amnesty: If we sincerely value hard work and tight-knit families, we should want every law-abiding Mexican immigrant who wants in. I worked in a plant with 160 employees. Only four of us were not Mexican. If I asked any of those employees what they were planning for the upcoming weekend, the response always included family. Without exception. Compare that to modern American culture against a standard of family values.

Law Enforcement: I’m always shocked by how much crime we consciously let slide in this country. Immigrant or not, legal or not, I’m in favor of enforcing our laws. If there are people here illegally who commit crimes, that is a law enforcement issue, not an immigration issue. Enforce the laws.

Net Immigration: There’s a trendy, but illogical, narrative circulating lately. It says that we now have net negative migration with Mexico. That means that we have more people returning to Mexico than coming in. The narrative concludes that negative immigration means we no longer have a problem. Because there are 1.1 million people leaving the US to Mexico, we don’t need to know who the 1.0 million people are who are coming in? That makes no sense.

Control the border. Enforce the laws. Welcome and embrace immigrants from Mexico.

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