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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

I walked out. Too much?

I’m a big fan of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 2 was my favorite, with strong performances (along with Downey) from Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke. The Avengers was fun, mostly because a large crew of kick-ass heroes are assembled.

Yet Iron Man 3 fell short for me. Super weak dialogue, a weird voice from Ben Kingsley (can you say Agent Smith from Matrix?), and then does it really snow that much in Tennesse? Maybe, but being from Montana, that whole small-town-in-cold-high-country thing may have been better suited further north.

One more thing, why do movies often love to put adult qualities in youngsters? Sometimes it works I guess; wasn’t believable for me here.

So while the fighting started in the little Tennessee town, I left.  Perhaps I was just in a bad mood.

Did I mention I’m a huge fan of Don Cheadle too?

Maybe next one will be better…


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