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Jane’s Addiction, Brooklyn Bowl

A few pictures from Jane’s Addiction, live performance at the Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas. Spring 2014.

Jane’s Addiction started in Los Angeles around 1985. My personal favorite is “Been Caught Stealing.” Pictures courtesy of our buddy, Barry Ostrowsky.

Live at Brooklyn Bowl, Janes Addiction, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Brooklyn Bowl, Janes Addiction

Janes Addiction on Stage, Brooklyn Bowl, Vegas

Janes Addiction, Live on Stage, Brooklyn Bowl Vegas

Janes Addiction, Live at Brooklyn Bowl, Vegas

Brooklyn Bowl, Vegas, Janes Addiction

Brooklyn Bowl, Janes Addiction, Las Vegas

Also watch Barry in two YouTube videos, “Fireside Rock Chats,” covering the 22 performances he’s experienced this spring, plus a quick tour of the upstairs of the Brooklyn Bowl.

Fireside Rock Chat, Part 1

Fireside Rock Chat, Part 11

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