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John Fisher Dunks Two More March Madness Winners

It has always been a matter of focus and attitude for the Colonials. They have the talent and veterans to be a good team but the entire year they have been underachievers. Their recent victory versus a talented Monmouth team was impressive. The Veterans of F Cavanaugh, Larsoen, McDonald, and Garino have the look that they want to go to the Big Apple for the Final Fout NIT. Florida is a gritty team but I have never been a fan of their offense. GW plays better defense at home so I believe they will be overlooked here. Vegas has tabbed them as a small Home favorite. I have them at 4.5 so we will take the generous 2 pt spread. 4 STARS
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John Fisher Las Vegas, Nevada
WINNER…GW -2..Home Teams reign supreme …82-77…GW never let the Florida Gators taste the lead in the second half….

This is a team that should of been in the tournament. They looked focused and poised playing behind a sell out crowd in San Diego. Their defense was suprisingly vulnerable to the Washinton Huskies giving up 50 pts in the second half. Lucky for them they play a slower paced Yellow Jackets team. Georgia Tech will be making a 2500 mile flight and trust me with a day’s rest and going against a San Diego State team that has lost just one time this year at Home will be a difficult task. The Aztecs have 5/6 DD scorers on a given night. They also rank #1 and #2 in the nation in 3ptFg % and 2pt FG%…SDSU-4 5 stars

WINNER SDSU-4..SDSU domination in the second half….they will be favorites going to Madison Square Garden NIT Final Four. Documented #1 HC College

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