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John Fisher Notes, Happy 4th of July

We were shut out 0-5 yesterday as teams were swept at will yesterday . We have gone from 2k to 3k units over the last month. It’s time to start hitting some Dog plays and playing better money management. Favorites and teams like Cleveland, Texas, San Francisco, and Chicago have been building big bank rolls hence you see 4K units from Top HCs. This will end and it appears it’s starting to happen. Vegas is aware of this and are now setting up traps and easy does it games like this one to start hurting large favorites. Today this game starts extremely early at 11am. SP Guerra and Brewers have gone 9-2 in his starts. He is the Brewers best pitcher as well. Add to this Mad Max was hit well versus the Brewers just 10 days ago in a 5-3 defeat. Milwaukee Big Dog +210

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