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Kim Kardashian Gets Booed at Tom Brady Roast

Last night’s roast of NFL legend Tom Brady proved anything but predictable. At the star-studded event held in Los Angeles, while most comedians landed their zingers to raucous laughter, Kim Kardashian’s appearance was met with a decidedly mixed reception.

Kardashian, known for her reality TV empire and often polarizing public persona, ascended the stage amidst a chorus of cheers and audible boos. Some attendees were clearly ready to embrace the playful spirit of the roast, while others seemed less than amused by her inclusion.

Undeterred, Kardashian began her set, referencing ongoing rumors that she and the newly retired Brady had once been romantically linked. “Speaking of Tom and me dating,” she quipped, “I know there were some rumors, and I’d never say if we did or not… I’d just release the tape.” The joke landed awkwardly, drawing groans and a fresh wave of boos.

The crowd’s reaction appeared to visibly fluster Kardashian. Several sources close to the event claim she visibly rushed through her remaining material, which included jabs at Brady’s age and his infamous “Deflategate” scandal.

As she exited the stage, the boos intensified, prompting host Peyton Manning to jump in with a quick-witted remark about the resilience of NFL quarterbacks, drawing laughter that somewhat diffused the tension.

The incident sparked immediate online debate. Some defended Kardashian’s willingness to be the butt of the joke, while others criticized her choice of humor as tone-deaf. Brady himself reportedly maintained a good-natured attitude throughout, even laughing lightly at some of Kardashian’s jabs.

Kardashian has yet to comment publicly on the incident. However, the moment underscores the high-stakes nature of celebrity roasts, where the line between playful ribbing and genuine offense can be razor-thin.

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