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Las Vegas News Summary – March 26, 2024

NCAA Tournament Madness

  • The betting favorite won only about a fourth of the conference tournaments, with nine out of 34.

Environmental Concerns

  • Efforts are being made to protect the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and its species, such as the speckled dace and Amargosa pupfish.

Las Vegas Gaming Evolution

  • Tom Mikulich, a homegrown hall of famer, has witnessed and contributed to the evolution of Las Vegas gaming since his teenage years.

UNLV Women’s NCAA Matchup

  • The No. 10 UNLV women’s basketball team is excited for their NCAA matchup with No. 7 Creighton.

UNLV Basketball in NIT

  • UNLV basketball has accepted an NIT bid and will travel to face Princeton in the opener.

March Madness Betting

  • This year’s March Madness sees more people than ever legally betting on basketball games.

Golden Knights Victory

  • Jack Eichel scored, leading the Golden Knights to a 3-1 victory over the Devils.

Business Tips for Las Vegas

  • An article provides four essential tips for business owners starting a business in Las Vegas.

These are some of the key highlights from Las Vegas news on March 26, 2024. For more detailed information and updates, please refer to local news sources​​.

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