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Meet the Stars of The Acolyte: A New Chapter in the Star Wars Universe

Get ready to delve into the enigmatic world of The Acolyte, the latest addition to the Star Wars saga. With its two-episode premiere now streaming on Disney+, this live-action series takes you to a time when the light of the Jedi is dimming, threatened by a vengeful assassin. To mark the launch, spoke with the cast, offering a sneak peek into the characters they bring to life. Creator and showrunner Leslye Headland has expressed immense satisfaction with her choice of actors, stating, “I got my first choice for everybody.”

Meet the captivating ensemble that brings this story to life, from the enigmatic Mae to the devoted Jedi Master Sol.

Amandla Stenberg as Mae

Amandla Stenberg steps into the role of Mae, a masked assassin whose quest for vengeance against the Jedi Order drives her every action. “Loyalty to her family is the most important thing in the world to her,” Stenberg explains. “She has honed her skills to perfection.” Stenberg’s dedication to the role involved rigorous physical training, ensuring she could perform the demanding stunts required, such as those in the thrilling noodle bar sequence.

Lee Jung-jae as Jedi Master Sol

Emmy-winner Lee Jung-jae portrays Jedi Master Sol, a character defined by his deep empathy and commitment to protecting the defenseless. “Master Sol is very powerful in the Force and well respected by his peers,” says Jung-jae. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Jung-jae recalls his awe when he first watched the series in theaters, never imagining he’d one day be a part of it. His portrayal brings a warm-hearted and wise Jedi to the screen, adding a layer of compassion and strength to the character.

Manny Jacinto as Qimir

Manny Jacinto takes on the role of Qimir, a former smuggler turned apothecary worker on Olega. Written specifically with Jacinto in mind, the character is reluctantly drawn into Mae’s mission. “I feel incredibly lucky,” Jacinto says, still marveling at the opportunity. His character’s laid-back lifestyle at the apothecary sharply contrasts with the adventurous path he is forced to take, reminiscent of the iconic Han Solo.

Carrie-Anne Moss as Jedi Master Indara

Carrie-Anne Moss embodies Jedi Master Indara, a formidable and respected warrior. “She’s fierce and strong in both her abilities and her humanity,” Moss shares. Preparing for the role involved intensive combat training, including a memorable duel with Mae. Moss describes the physical preparation as both challenging and rewarding, highlighting the depth of her commitment to the role.

Charlie Barnett as Jedi Knight Yord Fandar

Charlie Barnett plays Jedi Knight Yord Fandar, a character deeply committed to the Jedi Order and its ideals. “He lives in a black-and-white world, strictly adhering to the rules and structure,” Barnett explains. Inspired by his love for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Barnett brings a meticulous and principled Jedi to life, embodying the spirit of the High Republic.

Dafne Keen as Padawan Jecki Lon

Dafne Keen portrays Padawan Jecki Lon, a young Jedi navigating her first mission. “Jecki Lon is wise beyond her years and very talented,” Keen says. Her character’s journey involves significant growth, moving from rigid rule-following to a deeper understanding of the Jedi path. Working alongside Lee Jung-jae’s Master Sol, Keen brings a youthful yet profound energy to the role.

Rebecca Henderson as Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh

Rebecca Henderson plays Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh, a revered figure over 100 years old. Drawing inspiration from iconic actresses like Meryl Streep, Henderson worked with movement coaches to embody the character’s gravitas. “Vernestra is a wise and experienced Jedi, respected for her long service and deep insights,” she says, adding a rich layer to the character known from The High Republic books.

Dean-Charles Chapman as Jedi Master Torbin

Dean-Charles Chapman introduces Jedi Master Torbin, a character shrouded in mystery but defined by his kind-hearted nature. Stationed at an outpost on Olega, Torbin’s story is still unfolding, promising action, suspense, and depth. “It’s a very heavy action show, mixed with mystery and thriller elements,” Chapman hints, adding intrigue to his portrayal.

Joonas Suotamo as Jedi Master Kelnacca

Joonas Suotamo, familiar to fans as Chewbacca, now takes on the role of Jedi Master Kelnacca. This marks the first on-screen appearance of a Wookiee Jedi. “Kelnacca is calm yet fierce, a character you don’t want to mess with,” Suotamo says. The role allowed him to explore new depths as an actor, donning Jedi robes and wielding a lightsaber for the first time.

Jodie Turner-Smith as Mother Aniseya

Jodie Turner-Smith brings to life Mother Aniseya, a powerful and protective Force-wielding witch. “She is fiercely protective of her family and coven,” Turner-Smith says. Drawing from her experience in After Yang, Turner-Smith was inspired by her real-life journey into motherhood. Collaborating with director Kogonada, she crafted a character of strength and grace, embodying the regal nature of a witch mother.

The Acolyte promises to be a thrilling addition to the Star Wars universe, with a cast that brings new depth and dimension to its beloved galaxy. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these characters and their stories, now streaming on Disney+.

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