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NBA Eyes Las Vegas for Expansion

Las Vegas could soon welcome another major sports franchise, as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed the city’s status as a prime candidate for league expansion. Speaking on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show”, Silver noted the NBA’s focus on securing a new television deal, after which their attention will shift to potential new markets.

The move would further bolster Las Vegas’ rapidly expanding sports scene, which already boasts the Raiders (NFL), Golden Knights (NHL), and Aces (WNBA). The Oakland Athletics (MLB) are also slated to relocate to the city in 2028.

Despite Las Vegas ranking as the 40th largest media market in the U.S., Silver dismissed concerns about its ability to support numerous professional teams. He emphasized the city’s unique blend of passionate local fans and a steady influx of tourists.

“Las Vegas may not be a massive market compared to others, but its impact is undeniable,” Silver explained.

Pat McAfee, who recently broadcasted live from Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, echoed Silver’s sentiments. He praised the city’s exceptional event hosting capabilities and the local enthusiasm for professional sports.

The Super Bowl’s record-breaking viewership further underscored Las Vegas’ growing national spotlight. According to Silver, the event was a phenomenal success, showcasing the city’s evolution since the somewhat turbulent 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend.

While acknowledging the city’s maturation, Silver highlighted the NBA’s long-standing relationship with Las Vegas. The league’s popular Summer League has been a staple in the city for years, attracting NBA teams, executives, and players alike. Additionally, Las Vegas recently hosted the inaugural In-Season Tournament, adding to the NBA’s expanding presence.

“In many ways, we already feel at home in Las Vegas,” Silver remarked.

Potential Timeline

  • While Silver has not stated an exact timeline, most sources believe a Las Vegas expansion team wouldn’t arrive until after the 2025 season. This aligns with the league’s media deal timeline.

Seattle Interest

  • Seattle is typically at the top of all expansion conversations. The city lost the SuperSonics to Oklahoma City, and there’s strong, consistent sentiment to bring an NBA team back. You could add a note about this rivalry with Las Vegas for an expansion slot.

Expansion Fee Costs

  • Recent discussions suggest the NBA could seek an expansion fee north of $2.5 billion for new franchises. Highlight this to illustrate the investment involved in potential Vegas and Seattle ventures.

LeBron James’ Interest

  • You could briefly touch on LeBron James’ publicly expressed desire to own an NBA team in Las Vegas. This adds a superstar angle and raises the profile of the story.

Additional Considerations

  • Team Name: Las Vegas has used some catchy team names already: Raiders, Golden Knights, Aces, etc. A small bit of speculation about a potential team name could be fun.
  • Arena : Where would a team play? The new MSG Sphere at the Venetian is under construction and intended for major entertainment events. Could that be a future NBA home?
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