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Our Disappointing Experience with Coldwell Banker, Wayne Office

Our recent experience with Coldwell Banker and the agents we worked with left us feeling deeply disappointed and frustrated. From the outset, the professionalism and reliability of the agents, Lauren Turano and branch manager Eddie Galvan, were seriously lacking. Over several months, we endeavored to address numerous mistakes and problems, hoping for improvement, but the situation only deteriorated, becoming almost unbearable.

Our primary concern was that both Lauren and Eddie seemed more interested in securing a quick sale than addressing our needs and concerns. They persistently pushed us towards accepting low offers, showing little regard for our input or the value of our property. Despite our repeated attempts to communicate our dissatisfaction and seek resolutions, their responses were consistently inadequate and dismissive.

The whole ordeal consumed a significant amount of our time and, in our opinion, cost us several strong offers that we might have received with more diligent representation. The lack of attention to detail and the pressure to settle for less left us feeling undervalued and exploited.

Adding to our frustration, we felt trapped in a contract that seemed to favor the agents’ interests over ours. The entire experience with Coldwell Banker was, without a doubt, the worst real estate experience we have ever had. This ordeal has not only been time-consuming but has also caused considerable stress and financial loss.

We urge potential sellers and buyers to be cautious and thoroughly vet their real estate agents. Our experience serves as a cautionary tale of what can happen when agents prioritize their commissions over their clients’ best interests. Sellers and buyers, beware.

Coldwell Banker Realty – Wayne Office
1410 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470

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