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Potential Democratic Replacement for Joe Biden: The Risky Gavin Newsom

As President Joe Biden’s approval ratings decline and concerns about his age persist, the Democratic Party faces a potential shake-up. Biden’s administration has struggled with economic issues, where voters significantly favor Donald Trump. While Biden maintains support on issues of democracy and political extremism, his weakened condition has prompted discussions about possible replacements.

Gavin Newsom: A Risky Alternative

If Biden were to step down, California Governor Gavin Newsom could be considered, but his candidacy presents several risks. Newsom’s progressive policies and high-profile initiatives on climate change, healthcare, and education may not resonate with a national audience, especially moderate and swing voters. His leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, marked by strict lockdowns and controversial policies, could alienate parts of the electorate.

Impact on the 2024 Election


  • Progressive Policies: Newsom’s progressive agenda might alienate moderate voters and fail to attract bipartisan support.
  • Media Exposure: While Newsom is media-savvy, his frequent appearances and outspoken nature could backfire, especially if perceived as out-of-touch with mainstream America.
  • California Politics: Newsom’s policies, suited for California, may not translate well on a national scale, leading to potential backlash.

Advantages for Trump:

  • Economic Focus: Trump’s strong stance on economic issues and job creation could overpower Newsom’s progressive rhetoric.
  • National Recognition: Trump’s established national presence and dedicated base provide a significant advantage.
  • Policy Contrast: Trump’s conservative policies, especially on immigration and national security, might appeal more to undecided voters than Newsom’s progressive stance.

Election Dynamics Against Trump

If Newsom replaces Biden, the election dynamics would likely favor Trump:

  • Policy Differences: Trump’s economic and immigration policies could appeal more to the electorate compared to Newsom’s progressive agenda.
  • Campaign Strength: Trump’s experience and media strategy could overshadow Newsom’s attempts to gain national traction.
  • Debate Performance: Trump’s aggressive debate style might expose Newsom’s weaknesses, further diminishing his appeal.

Odds of Beating Trump

Current polls indicate Trump leads on economic issues, which are the top concern for voters. Newsom’s chances of uniting the Democratic Party and attracting swing voters appear slim, especially against Trump’s strong economic messaging and national recognition.

Final Thoughts: Gavin Newsom’s potential candidacy could be a risky move for the Democratic Party. His progressive platform may not resonate with the broader electorate, and his leadership style could face significant scrutiny. In contrast, Trump’s established presence and focus on economic issues present a formidable challenge, making him the likely favorite in such a matchup.

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