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Presidential Showdown: Biden and Trump Face Off in Atlanta Debate

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are set to take the stage tonight in Atlanta for the first of two presidential debates of the general election. Hosted by CNN, this debate marks a significant departure from tradition as it is the first presidential debate in 40 years not controlled by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Debate Venue Change: Originally, Texas State University in San Marcos was scheduled to host the first debate on September 16, which would have been the first presidential debate ever held in Texas. However, Biden and Trump decided to cut the commission out of the process, transferring control to the networks. This decision was influenced by various concerns both candidates had with the commission. Trump felt that some members were biased against him, and Biden was dissatisfied with how the commission handled the COVID-19 situation during the 2020 debates.

Aaron Kall, director of debate at the University of Michigan, explained that both candidates had incentives to take control away from the commission. “President Trump and others thought some of the people who served on it were too against him, and he wouldn’t get a fair shake. He didn’t like one of the moderators from the 2020 cycle,” Kall said. “And President Biden didn’t like how the commission handled the COVID situation of both President Trump and his family at the Cleveland debate.”

Impact of Venue Change: The change in debate control has financial implications. The loss of hosting these debates could cost the universities and their surrounding communities millions of dollars. Hosting a presidential debate brings significant exposure and can exponentially increase application numbers for the universities involved.

Polling Data and Electoral Projections: Polling data indicates a highly competitive race. A recent New York Times/Siena College poll shows Trump leading Biden by 4 points nationally. However, other polls show Biden with a slight lead in hypothetical matchups. The electoral map reveals several key battleground states, such as Wisconsin, are closely contested.

Fundraising Efforts: Both campaigns are actively fundraising, with Biden experiencing his largest online fundraising day following Trump’s recent conviction. Trump continues to use his legal challenges to galvanize financial support from his base.

Debate and Campaign Strategies: Trump plans to skip mock debates, focusing instead on fundraising and undermining debate results, aiming to present a more disciplined image. Biden is strategizing to capitalize on Trump’s legal issues while maintaining his campaign’s momentum.

Key Issues and Voter Sentiment: Both candidates focus on key issues resonating with their voter bases. Trump emphasizes economic policies and criticizes Biden’s handling of the economy and immigration. Biden focuses on healthcare, climate change, and social justice issues. Voter sentiment remains deeply polarized, with a significant portion of the electorate undecided, making the election outcome highly uncertain.

Conclusion: As the election nears, the candidates will continue to intensify their campaigns, particularly in swing states and among key demographic groups. The debates, fundraising efforts, and evolving voter sentiments will all play pivotal roles in shaping the final outcome of the 2024 presidential race.

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