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Step Into the World of John Wick: Immersive Experience Debuts at Area 15 Las Vegas

Get ready, action fans! Las Vegas is leveling up its immersive entertainment scene with the highly anticipated John Wick Experience at Area 15. This thrilling attraction brings the stylish, hyper-violent world of the blockbuster John Wick franchise to life, allowing guests to step into the shoes of the legendary assassin himself.

What is the John Wick Experience?

The John Wick Experience is a 12,000-square-foot immersive attraction inspired by the Keanu Reeves film series. Created in collaboration with franchise director Chad Stahelski and his team, this interactive experience invites you to navigate the shadowy world of assassins, secret societies, and high-stakes missions.

Expect a blend of immersive theater, intricately themed environments, and action-packed challenges. Visitors will enter the opulent and dangerous realm of the Continental Hotel, encountering familiar characters, weaponry, and locations from the iconic movies.

When and Where Does the Experience Open?

The John Wick Experience is set to launch in late 2024 at Area 15, the innovative entertainment district in Las Vegas. Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating and brutal criminal underworld that John Wick inhabits.

What to Expect Inside the John Wick Experience

While specific details are still under wraps, here’s what you can likely anticipate during your visit:

  • The Continental Hotel: Your journey begins within the infamous Continental Hotel, the sanctuary for assassins. Prepare to meet the enigmatic hotel manager, Winston, and perhaps other characters from the franchise.
  • High-Stakes Missions: Put your skills to the test and navigate a series of challenges pulled straight from the action-packed movies. Whether it’s tactical shooting drills or choreographed close-quarters combat, expect adrenaline-pumping tasks.
  • Interactive Encounters: The experience aims to be deeply immersive, so you might interact with actors portraying well-known characters or even become part of the narrative yourself.
  • Themed Bar and Retail Shop: Open to the general public, fans can relax at a themed bar reminiscent of the films or score John Wick-inspired merchandise at the retail shop.

Who Will Enjoy the John Wick Experience?

This attraction promises to be a must-visit destination for:

  • John Wick Fans: Diehard fans of the franchise will revel in the opportunity to live out their ultimate assassin fantasy.
  • Action Enthusiasts: Those who love heart-pounding thrills and stylized action sequences won’t be disappointed.
  • Immersive Experience Seekers: If you enjoy interactive, hyper-realistic attractions, the John Wick Experience has your name on it.

Get Ready to Join the Continental

Las Vegas is already a city built on extravagance and immersive experiences. The John Wick Experience promises to take that even further, bringing a new level of cinematic excitement to Sin City.

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Title: Unleashing the Action: The John Wick Experience Set to Thrill Fans at Area 15 in Las Vegas

Introduction Excitement is building in the heart of Las Vegas as Area 15, the city’s immersive entertainment complex, gears up to launch an adrenaline-pumping experience inspired by the blockbuster film franchise, John Wick. Set to open its doors on February 15, 2024, this cutting-edge attraction promises to transport fans into the heart-pounding world of the iconic assassin, offering a unique blend of action and adventure​​.

Area 15: A Hub of Immersive Entertainment Area 15, located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, is renowned for its immersive entertainment district that welcomes visitors of all ages. The complex is a vibrant blend of art installations, virtual reality experiences, dining, shopping, and much more. With its ever-expanding array of attractions, Area 15 has been recognized as the most visited attraction in the US in 2022 and has been voted the Best Attraction in Las Vegas for three consecutive years​​.

What to Expect at the John Wick Experience While specific details about the John Wick Experience are still under wraps, fans can anticipate an immersive adventure that captures the essence of the film series. The experience is likely to feature high-octane action, intricate storytelling, and the opportunity to step into the shoes of the legendary hitman. As the opening date approaches, more information is expected to be revealed, adding to the anticipation and excitement.

Why Visit Area 15 Area 15 offers a unique destination where visitors can express themselves or simply blend into the crowd. It appeals to a wide range of ages and interests, making it a popular spot for both tourists and locals. With its ever-evolving lineup of attractions, pop-up experiences, and special events, Area 15 continues to redefine the entertainment landscape in Las Vegas​​.

Conclusion The John Wick Experience at Area 15 is set to be a game-changer in the world of themed entertainment. As the countdown to its opening begins, fans of the franchise and thrill-seekers alike are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the action-packed world of John Wick. Keep an eye out for more updates as the opening date approaches, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Las Vegas.

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The John Wick Experience at AREA15 in Las Vegas


The world of John Wick is coming to life in Las Vegas! AREA15, the immersive entertainment district, is teaming up with Lionsgate to bring the “John Wick Experience” to fans of the action-packed franchise.

About the John Wick Experience

The “John Wick Experience” is set to open its doors later this year. This immersive entertainment experience is based on the billion-plus grossing franchise movies. The experience will take up a massive 12,000 square-foot space on the AREA15 campus.

What to Expect

Guests will step through the doors of the Las Vegas Continental and into the fantastical world of John Wick. Each group of guests will be tasked with specific missions, playing out in unique ways with characters, mythology, and iconography from the Wick universe. The adventures entail rubbing elbows with Continental staff, assassins, crime bosses, or other curious guests like themselves within the relative safety of the Continental.

The Team Behind the Experience

The “John Wick Experience” is being brought to life by a team of Hollywood and Las Vegas creatives. Filmmaker Chad Stahelski and his team at 87Eleven Entertainment are involved in the overall design of the attraction with Egan Productions. Egan Productions has previously worked with Lionsgate on the official Saw Escape and Escape Blair Witch.


The “John Wick Experience” is set to be a can’t-miss destination for fans of the franchise. With its immersive design and interactive missions, it promises to offer guests a unique opportunity to step into the world of John Wick. So, get ready to channel your inner John Wick at this new experience opening at AREA15 Las Vegas later this year.

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