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Vegas Venetian Transformation: Overview of the Upcoming $1.5 Billion Renovation

Unveiling the Future of The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

In a city known for its grand spectacles and ever-evolving skyline, Las Vegas is set to witness another monumental transformation. The Venetian Resort, an iconic destination on the Strip, is embarking on a comprehensive $1.5 billion renovation project. This ambitious venture, announced on May 1, 2024, marks the largest and most expensive renovation in the resort’s 25-year history. Let’s delve into the specifics of this grand project, which promises to redefine luxury and entertainment in the heart of Las Vegas.

The Venetian’s Grand Vision:

The Venetian Resort, under the leadership of Patrick Nichols, President and CEO, aims to elevate the guest experience to unprecedented heights. With a comprehensive rebranding of its 4,000 suites and convention center, the resort is poised to set new standards in hospitality and entertainment.

Suite Design:

Inspired by the vibrant costumes of the Venetian Carnival, the resort’s suites will undergo a design overhaul. The new designs promise to infuse “energy, spirit, and warmth” into a contemporary, fresh aesthetic, offering guests a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Convention Center:

A significant portion of the $1.5 billion investment, $188 million, will be dedicated to the renovation of the convention center. The project will introduce a new color palette and luxury lounge spaces, enhancing the venue’s appeal for meetings and events. The renovation is scheduled to commence in 2024 and be completed in stages through 2026.

Entertainment and Dining:

Beyond the suite and convention center upgrades, The Venetian Resort is set to introduce new dining concepts and entertainment venues. This includes a partnership with Madison Square Garden Entertainment to construct a $1.85-billion MSG Sphere, slated to open in November 2023. The resort will also see the debut of Miznon and HaSalon, two acclaimed chef Tetsuya Wakuda concepts, and a TAO Beach Dayclub, among other exciting additions.

Economic Impact:

The renovation project is expected to have a significant economic impact on Las Vegas. By attracting more events and conferences, the upgraded convention center will inject new money into the local economy, creating opportunities for businesses and fostering growth.


The Venetian Resort’s $1.5 billion renovation is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it’s a strategic move to redefine luxury and entertainment in Las Vegas. With a focus on enhancing the guest experience through innovative design and world-class amenities, The Venetian is poised to solidify its position as a premier destination on the Strip. As the project unfolds over the next few years, it will undoubtedly be a spectacle worth watching.

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