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Update on the Border Crisis: Texas vs. Biden Administration

Illegal Immigration Costs to Texas Taxpayers
According to the Texas Attorney General, illegal immigration is a significant financial burden on Texas taxpayers, costing over $850 million each year. This expense is attributed to various services provided to illegal aliens, including:

  • Public Hospital Districts: Between $579 million and $717 million annually for uncompensated care.
  • Housing Illegal Criminal Aliens: $152 million for one year.
  • State Emergency Medicaid Program: Between $62 million and $90 million.
  • The Family Violence Program: More than $1 million for services to illegal aliens for one year.
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program: Between $30 million and $38 million per year on perinatal coverage.
  • Education for Unaccompanied Alien Children: Between $31 million and $63 million annually.

Also note, the cost to all U.S. taxpayers in general is sure to be in the millions, if not billions, considering all factors and the various states in which illegal immigrants roam and become a significant burden on the community and infrastructure, as well as, in many cases as of late, an unchecked danger to society and citizens.

Texas’ Legal Actions and Border Security Efforts
The Texas Attorney General has been actively involved in legal actions to challenge the Biden administration’s policies on immigration and border security. Key initiatives and legal battles include:

  • January Lawsuit: A lawsuit that halted the Biden administration’s 100-day freeze on deportations, revealing the financial impact on Texas taxpayers.
  • Appeals and Legal Notices: Texas has appealed decisions and notified federal authorities of Texas laws granting increased authority to Border Patrol agents, aiming to protect the state’s border barriers and enforce immigration laws.

Estimates and Daily Crossings
Recent reports and operations indicate a surge in illegal immigrants entering Texas, with estimates suggesting up to 13,000 migrants might attempt to cross the border illegally each day following the end of Title 42. This surge represents a significant challenge to border security and has prompted Texas to deploy additional resources and take measures to manage the situation.

Crimes and Security Concerns
The increase in illegal crossings has escalated criminal activities, including human smuggling and drug trafficking. Texas has been at the forefront of addressing these security concerns, working to arrest and detain individuals involved in illegal activities and protect communities from the impact of these crimes.

Texas vs. Biden Administration
The conflict between Texas and the Biden administration centers around differing approaches to border security and immigration policy. Texas advocates for stricter border control and enforcement of immigration laws, while the Biden administration’s policies have been criticized by Texas officials for encouraging illegal immigration and imposing financial and security burdens on the state.

The border crisis remains a contentious issue, with Texas taking a stand against the financial and security challenges posed by illegal immigration. Through legal actions, border security initiatives, and public statements, Texas continues to highlight the impact of federal policies on state resources and the need for a more stringent approach to border control and immigration enforcement.

For more detailed information, visit the Texas Attorney General’s official website.

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