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ZING Vodka Around Vegas, Memorial Day Weekend

Las Vegas is a sweet destination for sun-soaked days and festive nights. ZING Vodka needed a little R&R. And why not? ZING has been busy! Now in a dozen states with a dozen coming.  (Slideshow below)

ZING dropped into Wynn lounges, Encore Beach Club, Encore Pool, Sapphire Dayclub, and Peppermill. Good times. ZING even bumped into and took pictures with Elvis; ZING likes to live as local, traveler, and tourist. Elvis represents the old guard–ZING tips its hat to such traditions. ZING also met a member of the new guard:  DJ True Love. Great guy. Spinning monster-sweet tunes under perpetual blue skies and crisp shiny nights of Vegas.

The Encore pool scenes proved a highlight of daytime adventures. Where else can one absorb sun, music, drink, water, fun, festivity, ZING, and colorful wafer-thin bikinis, all in the course of an easy afternoon? ZING Vodka is popping up at more and more dayclubs. No surprise there. People love the cherry vanilla smell, the smooth red velvet taste, the low calories, the pure water, the way it mixes, the way it cools the body down while warming the soul.  Cheers!

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