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ZING Vodka, MDW, Chris Brown & T.I. at Palms Pool

ZING had one more big appearance over Memorial Day Weekend—quenching a Palms Pool Party—hosted by Chris Brown. Appearances included T.I., Christina Milian, and Pusha T. Slideshow & videos below. Sun-drenched and ZING-drenched, the crowd danced and sang along to the concert.

I was also fortunate enough to meet and talk briefly with T.I., before the afternoon pool party, then after. What a friendly, lyrical, charismatic, and gracious individual. He took time to take pictures with fans and even carry around a tray of ZING drinks, offering refreshments at the after party. He quipped, “I’m a very hospitable guest.”


Chris Brown Live, Palms Pool in Las Vegas, Memorial Day Weekend


Have you seen Chris Brown’s video Fine China? ZING Vodka has some cool cameos.

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