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Alkaline Water – Red Rock Springs Water

Red Rock Springs Water, Store Entrance, Summerlin Las Vegas

Red Rock Springs Water is a full-service water store with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Their alkaline water is very popular. Every time I visit people are streaming in and out, filling up water jugs and containers.

Red Rock Springs Water Store, Alkaline Water, Summerlin Las Vegas

Inside Red Rock Springs Water, Alkaline Water, Summerlin Las Vegas

I’ve drank alkaline water for the past two and a half years. I love it. There are lots of positive claims to alkaline water, but like many things, it is probably just best to try for yourself. I’ve talked to over 20 people who also say they “love it.” People who enjoy it nearly always use the adjective “love”.

Red Rock Springs Water, Health Poster, Summerlin Las Vegas

The owners, Sam Metcalf and Lisa Meunier, treat customers like family. Every time I visit with Sam, it is clear he is passionate about his business and strives to deliver high-quality water to his customers.

Below is one of the friendly staff, Armando, with a large container of alkaline water.

Armando at Red Rock Springs Water, Alkaline Water, Summerlin Las Vegas

A pH measurement reveals if a solution is acidic or alkaline. There’s myriad evidence out there that suggests a diet of higher alkaline water is extremely healthy, with a pH of 9 or 10. Obviously you should research alkaline water on your own, as well, and consult a doctor if you think your system might be sensitive to alkaline water.

Red Rock Springs Water, Alkaline Water Store, Summerlin Las Vegas

They sell Alkaline Water for $1.00 dollar a gallon and Purified for .25 cents a gallon.

Equipment at Red Rock Springs Water & Alkaline Store, Summerlin Las Vegas

Las Vegas has scores of wonderful, positive qualities. However I’m not sure if the city water is one of them. Hey it’s tough out here in the desert. Most locals and visitors drink other options, including bottled water, purified water, filtered water, well water, and alkaline water. Second to the air we breathe, water is essential to the human condition. It makes sense to drink high-quality water.

Red Rock Springs Water is located at 9132 West Sahara Avenue in Summerlin. Cross street Sahara & Fort Apache.

Store number: 702-450-0095.

Toll Free 877-290-5157.

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm
CLOSED Sunday & Holidays

Red Rock Springs Water, Alkaline Water, Entrance, Summerlin Las Vegas

Red Rock Springs Water Website

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