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Barrel Backers – Great Craft Beer Delivered To Your Doorstep

Raiders Red & Apollo VIII Double IPA

Here’s another top business – and top idea – that gives power to the people. Especially those who appreciate craft beer and better beer. Barrel Backers.

If you find a great beer you like in Las Vegas, or Oregon, or Montana, or Boston, or NYC, or wherever, but don’t have access to that beer back home, Barrel Backers can help get it to your doorstep.

Arcadia Imperial Stout

Using a crowdfunding platform, when enough people vote on delivering a particular beer to an area, Barrel Backers teams up with that brewery or company to make it happen.

We know a top pick when we see one, as well as a novel idea. is both.

With Barrel Backers, you should never go thirsty for your favorite beer again!

Element Brewing Company, Red Giant

I have so many favorites…Big Dog’s Leglifter Light (Big Dog’s Brews Las Vegas), Chico Wheat (Chico Hot Springs Montana), Coldsmoke Scotch Ale (Kettle House Brewing Montana), Full Sail Pilsner (Full Sail Brewing Seattle), Big Sky IPA (Big Sky Brewing Missoula), Giles Golden Imperial (Fort Collins Brewery CO), SANDIA Watermelon Wheat (Banger Brewing Downtown Las Vegas), and many, many more.

There are myriad fantastic breweries brewing around the country, and each particular locale is influenced by weather, water, grains, craftsmanship, season and style. Creating, exploring, finding, tasting and drinking great beer creates very cool communities everywhere you go. Barrel Backers is building bridges to all these festive libatious communities.

Whitsun Ale

When do you like to drink great beer? At a steak restaurant, a neighborhood bar, or inside a nightclub? Or perhaps with friends at a backyard BBQ? I love all these areas as well outdoor excursions, say after a long hike or float down the river, or perhaps while soaking in natural hot springs. The truth is, there are hundreds are fantastic occasions for drinking great beer, and thus we should have hundreds of choices! Barrel Backers is another tool for procuring stellar beer.

Arcadia Hopmouth Double IPA

Beer, especially ale, dates back to the 5th millennium BC, as recorded by ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It’s one of the oldest beverages us humans have produced. With over 7,000 years of history, looks like beer will be around for awhile. And for good reason. Some say the inventing of beer and bread was responsible for humanity’s ability to build civilization and develop technology. And hey, beer helps the world chill out after a long day. Beer also builds buddies, especially among males. The quick camaraderie of beer may be unparalleled.

These days, whether its global companies, national brewpubs, or regional breweries, more than 35 billion gallons of beer are sold per year. Listen my beer-drinking friends, there’s no excuse for not finding and drinking good beer!

Compass Rose, India Pale Ale

And I must admit, there’s one more reason for my loving Barrel Backers. A good buddy of mine co-founded it. Brian Trisler. I’ve known Brian for 7 years. He’s an innovative, hard-working entrepreneur and a true Renaissance man. He co-founded (and later sold) the extremely successful business,, which adds considerable value to society via better choices in healthcare, and, not unlike Barrel Backers, gives considerable power to consumers and individuals. That’s us.

Brian Trisler Far Right, Brendan Magone Far Left, Friends, Livingston Montana

Brian also loves beer. Whether he’s traveling Europe (his passport is so packed he needed a second booklet last year), visiting South America, enjoying the beaches of North Shore Hawaii, hitting Chicago LA or NYC, playing poker at Aria in Las Vegas, or simply traversing his private mountain and riverside land in Montana, you will never find him without good beer. He’s quick with a wide smile, a hearty handshake, and putting good beer in your hand.

All American, Ground Pounder Pale Ale, Compass Rose India Pale Ale

Recently I helped Brian build a fence on his private land (I love Montana too, and visit often). Barrel Backers beer helped fuel this project. This was my first discovery of Ground Pounder Pale Ale – hazy amber orange, citrus, caramel, malt & hops. A tasty yet grounded beer that seemed well-named for building a fence.

KelSo Beer Company, Barrel Backers

Are there any drawbacks to Barrel Backers? Some might say it costs more. And it does. But isn’t getting great artisan beer, especially delivered to your doorstep, worth it? I think so. And don’t just think about your own delicious beer debauchery. Think about your friends. How about showing up at a party or neighborhood BBQ with a unique, trendy, kick-ass beer from a few states away? That is going to score some points.

Barrel Backers is going to revolutionize the way we shop for beer. And the way we drink it.


Barrel Backers, Logo

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