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Buffalo Creek Ranch, Gardnerville Nevada

Amazing, luxurious Nevada ranch looking for a third investor. Significantly reduced. 30min Southeast of Lake Tahoe. Contact me for more details.

About 301 Five Creek Road

Buffalo Creek Ranch is a picturesque 34-acre boutique agricultural ranch with two separate private security gate entrances. The hillside estate sits 400 feet above the valley floor and is planted with acres of fruit and nut orchards, vineyard, and pasture. The one-of-a-kind property has three miles of rock walls, defined grass edging, and concrete stained roadways lined with more than 200 Aristocratic Flowering Pear trees. The sprawling ranch, with its ten small ponds and eight waterfalls, is nestled at the base of the magnificent Eastern Sierra amidst Northern Nevada’s oldest stand of Aspen trees. Two year-round mountain creeks run through private picnic grounds situated directly under a 90 foot converted railroad car bridge. Buffalo Creek Ranch is a brief 20 minute drive to Lake Tahoe’s South Shore. The potential family compound estate boasts a 3,100-square-foot Tuscan style ranch house built in 2005, a guest log cabin featured in Log Home Design Ideas, and is home to an award winning eight-acre vineyard with 5,000 vines and 15-tons of annual production sold to Tahoe Ridge Winery. BCR is fabulously nostalgic from its covered bridges to its Jack Daniel’s train station with a fully restored 1923 caboose poker parlor and an expansive 5,000 square foot workshop. The ranch includes a firehouse complete with its own 1962 fire truck and a water wheel central utility building. The sprawling ranch estate was master-planned and developed over the span of a decade with a complete underground utility infrastructure including two water wells, propane tanks, underground power, telephone, cable television and internet service, and a 55 KW back-up generator. The spectacular 1.5 acre home site can accommodate a 6,000-10,000 square foot primary estate residence and is ready to go for the new owners to design and build their dream home. The ranch is nestled at the base of the 10,000 foot snow capped Job’s Peak with a gorgeous breathtaking views of the lush Carson Valley. This truly unique property still has land yet to be developed, all in the tax-friendly state of Nevada. To own this estate is to continue a 14-year legacy of one of the most distinctive properties in the west.


Less than an hour from Reno and just over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range from the shores of Lake Tahoe, lies a beautiful valley with lush, scenic rural character that has defined its quality of life since first being settled as a part of Utah Territory, (as it was called), in 1851. Utah Territory was admitted into the Union and President Abraham Lincoln helped make Nevada the 36th State of the United States of America on October 31, 1864.

The Mormons, Kit Carson, Virginia City, Mark Twain, the Pony Express and the therapeutic David Walley’s Hot Springs of Genoa all contributed to Northern Nevada’s colorful past. Pine trees, cottonwoods, aspens, willows, sage brush and magnificent large boulders define the valley’s western edge and agriculture and working farms, cattle and horse ranches, have kept much of the area open and relatively undeveloped. A fertile and water rich high desert valley, comprised of the quaint town’s of Gardnerville, Minden and Genoa make up this rural community called the “Carson Valley”.

After searching for several years, in June of 1999, the owners were able to assemble and acquire a spectacular 34-acre parcel of land in the Town of Gardnerville, 400 feet above the valley floor, nestled at the base and on the eastern slope of the Sierra’s beneath the majestic snow covered “Job’s Peak”. If there was ever a piece of land that captured the magnificence and beauty of Robert Redford’s, 1992 epic classic master piece film, “A River Runs through It”, this was it. Like much of the western foothills and most of Nevada’s high desert, “Buffalo Creek Ranch”, as it was named, was covered with sage, bitter and rabbit brush.

What made this property extremely unique and reminiscent of Montana or Colorado was the fact that it also had some 45 substantial Jeffrey Pines, many Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Fir and literally thousands of enormous Aspen trees, some measuring 18” to 20” in diameter, lining two year round creeks, called “Sheridan and Little Barber”. The Nevada Division of Forestry has confirmed that this particular aspen stand is about one hundred (100) years old and is one of the largest and healthiest aspen stands of its kind in all of Northern Nevada.

In order to soften the visual impact of the ranch, with reference to the various building structures, out buildings and two (2) residences, the decision was made to locate most architectural structures in the center of the property or in the middle of aspen trees between Sheridan Creek and Little Barber Creek. The perimeter of the ranch was then designed as the receiving area for most of the proposed agricultural operation, much of which has already been put into permanent open space as defined by the apple orchard, vineyard, horse pasture, wild life habitat and flood control ponds.

For greater circulation so as not to infringe on the privacy of adjacent property owners, two (2) separate entrances were incorporated into the master plan. The primary Buffalo Creek Ranch guest entrance (mail also) is located at 301 Five Creek Road, Gardnerville, NV 89460, which is inside the security gates of the exclusive 1,000 acre, Job’s Peak Ranch Development private community.

The secondary or delivery entrance was constructed out of 2” x 8” cedar planks and 3” black metal straps to resemble wine barrels. This security-gated entrance is located at 319 Jones Lane, which is at the end of a county dedicated road, directly off of Foothill Road. Buffalo Creek Ranch lies at the far westerly edge of the Town of Gardnerville, Nevada, 10 miles south of Carson City and about 13 miles east of Stateline, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The property is less that 1/2 mile from the California state line, directly off and west of Foothill Road (both the Job’s Peak Ranch Development entrance and Jones Lane), approximately 2 miles south of State Highway #207 (the “Kingsbury Grade”) and about 8 miles south of the historical Town of Genoa (founded by the Mormon’s in 1851).

Over the past 10-years BCR was developed with over 1/2 mile of tree-lined and terra-cotta stained concrete runners and grass edged roads, 2-miles of electrified fencing, deer fencing, 3-miles of hand stacked rock walls, guest parking for 45-cars and over 200 automobiles if the fully lighted vineyard is used.  The owners live in a beautiful single story 3,100 SF Tuscan style ranch house (built in 2004/2005), with a 3-car garage, workout gym and a matching detached single car mini warehouse storage building (Snow Plow House).  BCR also has a guest log cabin, “Jack Daniel’s” Train Station and Monday Night Football party room and fully restored 1923 caboose poker parlor.  The estate includes a 5,000 SF Tuscan style winery looking work shop, Fire House, Utility Building, Water Wheel, Covered Bridge, Wind Mill Pump House and various other out buildings.  A complete underground utility infrastructure (power, cable TV, telephone, water, propane, sewer/septic, security and rubber lined storm drains) for the entire ranch operation was installed including 2-water wells with 20-acre feet of water rights, a total of 5,000 gallons of propane tanks, Nevada Power Company, cable television, ClearWire Internet and a 55 KW back-up generator. 

Buffalo Creek Ranch has approximately twenty-eight (28) acres of virtual open space, comprised of a four (4) acre of apple orchard, a three (3) acre fruit and nut orchard consisting of peach, pear, cherry, apricot and walnut trees and a nine (9) acre award-winning vineyard.  The ranch is bordered with a three (3) acre horse/sheep pasture, seven (7) acres of wild life habitat grazing, one (1) acre of manicured lawn and two (2) acres of water features consisting of ten (10) separate rubber lined and rock ponds, eight (8) spectacular waterfalls and seven (7) creeks/streams (photo cell time clock controlled).  Over two hundred (200) landscaping trees lining most Buffalo Creek roads with Aristocratic Flowering Pears were planted in 2005.  There are forty (40) Sequoia Redwoods on the westerly property boundary directly behind the proposed 1-acre homesite that overlook the majestic Carson Valley 400 feet below.  A variety of other trees including Weeping Willows, Mountain Ash, Quaking Aspens, Choke Cherries, Austrian and Ponderosa Pines can be found throughout the ranch.  Additionally, many other plants and shrubs dot the landscape including beautiful Red Twigged and Variegated Dogwoods, Wild Roses and Day-Lilies.  There are undulating hillsides with rolling grass knolls within the 3-acre Buffalo Creek Aspen Village site that add to the charm and character of the estate.  The 90 foot railroad flatcar bridge spanning the picnic grounds, complete with its own chuck wagon and outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining 100-200 guests.  The nature trails, foot bridge, outdoor fire pits, redwood decks, children’s Kibler style tree house, horse shoe pit, water wheel, gazebo’s, ponds and waterfalls create a unique and one-of-a-kind high mountain wonderland environment.

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