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Trail Canyon, Mount Charleston Area

Trail Canyon, Spring Mountains, Mt Charleston NV

Trail Canyon hike offers another aspen-lined and pine-filled excursion in the Mount Charleston area, a mere hour northwest of Las Vegas.

The temperature averaged 75 degrees during my 2-hour hike, compared to 100 degrees in Vegas.

Aspen & Ponderosa Pine Trees, Trail Canyon, Mount Charleston NV

The trail is clearly marked the entire two miles, with easy options to lengthen or shorten your hike. The path can be deceptively rocky, which you notice more on the way down more than the way up, so wear solid footwear with ample cushion.

View of Spring Mountains from Trail Canyon, Mt Charleston Area NV

You will encounter quaking aspen trees, ponderosa pine, bristlecone pine, white fir, occasional vegetation that includes wax currant & mountain mahogany, plus majestic limestone cliffs in the distance.

Ridge View of Limestone Peaks, Top of Trail Canyon, Mt Charleston Area NV

At the top of Trail Canyon, which provides a saddle-like walkway to the trails of higher peaks, you’re rewarded with clear forested views of the Spring Mountains on opposing sides. The trailhead starts around 7,700 feet and ends around 9,300 feet.

View from top of Trail Canyon, Mt Charleston Area, NV

Hikers at top of Trail Canyon, Mt Charleston Area, Nevada

Brendan Magone, top of Trail Canyon, Mount Charleston Nevada

Conditions change frequently in the Mount Charleston Area, so be sure to check online pre-depature and then posted information when you arrive.

Trail Canyon Trailhead Information, Mt Charleston Area, Nevada

Trail Canyon Regulations, Mount Charleston Area, NV

There’s also currently some construction inside the area, though delays aren’t longer than 15 – 20 minutes. Open your windows and enjoy the 70s again, while Vegas boils in the 100s.

As I was driving back, nestled inside the coolness of the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston valley, a light rain started to fall, dropping the temperature to 68 degrees. It was refreshing and nearly mystical, considering that sixteen miles and sixteen minutes later, I approached Highway 95 with my car gauge showing a temperature of 99 degrees!

Mount Charleston Area Map, Near Las Vegas Nevada

For more information on Trail Canyon and the Mount Charleston Area, visit these two websites:

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