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Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Project

Outdoor Festivities, Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Las Vegas

The Bunkhouse Saloon is back! As part of a 1.4 million renovation via the Downtown Project, The Bunkhouse Saloon recently reopened its doors.

With live outdoor music on a third-acre plot, hipsters and all kinds of folk are bound to swing by.

Live Outdoor Music, Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Las Vegas

A few days ago I dropped in with my buddies from Bev X. They were setting up for an evening of tasty drinks. I had a chance to walk around the spacious area and note the cool alleyway entrance.

Bunkhouse Saloon, Setting Up, Downtown Las Vegas

Alleyway Entrance to Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Las Vegas

There’s lots to do at the Bunkhouse, inside and outside. I snapped a few pictures of their “Listening Tree” before crowds overtook it. You can hear different music in each headset. Creative funky idea.

Listening Tree, Bunkhouse Saloon in Downtown Las Vegas

Don Crancer of Bev X, Listening to the Listening Tree, Bunkhouse Saloon

Listening Tree, Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Las Vegas

Our friends from Bev X brought lovely ladies to serve Devotion Vodka.

Andrea Serving at Bunkhouse Saloon, Downtown Las Vegas Reopening

Nick Lauren & Andrea, Bev X USA, Bunkhouse Saloon Reopening

Devotion Vodka, Bunkhouse Saloon, Bev X USA

For more information visit The Bunkhouse Saloon Website

Or visit Downtown Project Website

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