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Cigar & Spirits Magazine – Classic Shaving

Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Classic Chaving Article, Brendan Magone

Happy to have my 5th article published in Cigar & Spirits Magazine! Cigar & Spirits can be purchased at all Barnes & Nobles across the U.S., plus various outlets in 14 other countries. Special thanks to Phil Maloof, Jon Shakill, Will Lubrano, Danielle Dupont, & Ricci Lopez.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Classic Shaving Article, Author Brendan Magone

The article covers the new trend of a cool tradition — the classic shave.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Classic Shaving Article, Writer Brendan Magone

The article is featured in this month’s Cigar & Spirits magazine, with Mario Lopez gracing the cover.  I include an in-depth interview with the CEO and Managing Partner of, Will Lubrano and Danielle Dupont.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine Cover, Mario Lopez, Classic Shaving by Brendan Magone

To top off a classic shave with some modern menswear, I stopped by the swank boutique Stitched Life, located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. There I sipped some scotch in their luxurious lounge while discussing style with Mr. Style himself, Ricci Lopez, the General Manager of Stitched Life.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Classic Shaving Article, Brendan Magone & Ricci Lopez

In every article that I write for Cigar & Spirits Magazine, they kindly include my bio and a positive mention of Las Vegas Top Picks. We’re honored to grow this partnership!

Brendan Magone Bio, Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Classic Shaving Article

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