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Horseman & Dog Fancier’s Park, East Side

Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park in Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide for Dog Owners

Address: 5800 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89122

Open Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM, 7 days a week

About the Park

Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park is a large, public park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The park is divided into two sections: the Horseman’s Park section and the Dog Fancier’s Park section. The Horseman’s Park section is home to equestrian facilities such as arenas, stables, and a riding trail. The Dog Fancier’s Park section is a dedicated dog park with five separate areas for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Dog Park Amenities

The Dog Fancier’s Park section of Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park is one of the largest and most well-equipped dog parks in Las Vegas. The park features the following amenities:

  • Five separate areas for dogs of all sizes and temperaments
  • Double-gated entry/exit to prevent dogs from escaping
  • Benches and shaded areas for owners to relax
  • Water fountains for dogs and humans
  • Waste bag dispensers
  • Agility equipment

Dog Park Rules

The Dog Fancier’s Park has a few simple rules that all visitors are required to follow:

  • All dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • All dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the park.
  • Dogs must be under the control of their owner at all times.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the park.
  • Owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs.

Tips for Visiting the Dog Park

Here are a few tips for visiting the Dog Fancier’s Park with your dog:

  • Bring water for your dog, especially if it is a hot day.
  • Bring poop bags and pick up after your dog.
  • Be aware of your dog’s surroundings and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • If your dog is shy or aggressive, be sure to keep them on a leash.
  • Be respectful of other owners and their dogs.


Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park is a great place to take your dog for exercise and socialization. The park is large and well-equipped, and there are separate areas for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Be sure to follow the park rules and have fun!

Additional Information for Dog Owners

Here is some additional information for dog owners who are planning to visit Horseman and Dog Fancier’s Park:

  • The park is open to the public, but there is a fee for reservations. Reservations are required for areas 1-4 of the dog park. Area 5 is open for public use without a reservation.
  • The park has a clubhouse that can be rented for special events.
  • The park also has RV parking available for a fee.
  • The park is located near several restaurants and shops, so you can easily grab a bite to eat or do some shopping after your visit.

Here are some additional tips for visiting the dog park with your dog:

  • Introduce your dog to other dogs slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended in the park.
  • If your dog is having a fight with another dog, break it up immediately.
  • Be aware of your dog’s body language and remove them from the park if they are showing signs of stress or aggression.
  • Have fun and enjoy your time at the dog park!
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