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Le Rêve – The Dream – Wynn Theater

Welcome to another top show in Las Vegas. This acrobatic artwork combines dance, high dives, water, romance, sculpted athleticism, and vibrant colors amidst a stunning theater-in-the-round.

Le Rêve, which means “the dream” in French, was also the name of Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece, a portrait of his 22-year-old mistress painted in 1932. He was 50 at the time; scandalous, yes, though genius seems to surpass scandals more often than not. He did paint Guernica and invent Cubism. Le Rêve is both erotic and a masterwork, falling in Picasso’s “distorted depictions” period. Steve Wynn bought the painting for an estimated 60 million, owned and enjoyed it for over a decade, then sold it for 155 million. Clearly Steve Wynn knows good art as well as good business.

Le Reve 1932    Wynn Theater Artwork  Wynn Theater Box  Office

Now Wynn has brought us another masterwork in the form of setting and performance. Every seat in their theater-in-the-round offers clear, intimate views while offering lounge-esque seating. The show itself will take your breath away. Most top shows in Las Vegas do—it’s hard to go wrong in this town. You simply need to find the show that best fits your fancy. Le Rêve is a romance; a dazzling spectacle of acrobatics amidst water movements; a powerful combination of strength and beauty; a cascade of sensuous colors that give it the feel of a famous painting.

I recommend previewing a short video clip of the show, as well as visiting their website. I’ve provided both links below.

Le Rêve is not just family-friendly, but family-extraordinary. Like many great works of art, it offers something to all ages. Children will not be bored but rather enchanted, as most adults are.


Friday – Tuesday at 7 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. No performances Wednesday or Thursday. Show Reservations – (702) 770-9966

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