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Peppermill Restaurant & Lounge, 24 hours

The Peppermill proves a pleasant surprise for a 24hr stand-alone restaurant on the strip. They are classy yet casual, have a cozy lounge with fireplace, and serve tasty economical food with a wide variety of drinks. Slideshow at bottom.

Even more, they’ve won a variety of awards and have been featured in films and TV. After learning and experiencing all this, I wasn’t surprised to hear they’ve been in business 41 years. If only their counters could talk…

Counter at Peppermill, Las Vegas Strip

The evening I visited, I arrived at five and didn’t leave till ten. I don’t recall the last time I spent so long in a “24hour restaurant”. Staying five hours is a testament to all they have to offer and how much I enjoyed the experience. First I met my friend in the Fireside Lounge. We sat back in plush red couches, sipped several ZING Vodka cocktails, and enjoyed the ambience of a nearby fire flashing in crystal-blue water. After chatting for nearly two hours — which seemed to slip by — we walked to the main area for some food. For some odd reason I felt like breakfast (around 7pm), and was delighted to learn they serve all meals 24/7. Classic Vegas:  you can find what you’re in the mood for any time or day of the week.

Lovely Servers in Fireside Lounge, Peppermill Restaurant, Las Vegas Strip

Later we were feeling well-fed and having so much fun we decided to hit the lounge again. By then it had filled up with all kinds of festive patrons, and soon enough we were chatting, drinking, and cheers-ing with folks by the fire.

Danielle, one of our lovely servers, was friendly, attentive, and carried a smile warmer than the fire we sat alongside.

The Peppermill has a timeless feel, and has kept its brightness amidst 41 years of changing times and diverse patrons. I will be visiting again soon.

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