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Poker at Bellagio


Saturday, March 25th, 2015

When ol’ Low Limit Phil is feeling a little frisky, you’ll find me at Bellagio where limit hold ‘em games start at 4-8 limit and extend up to 10-20 limit, 20-40 limit, and 40-80 with reliable regularity.

I often gripe that I can “beat the game” but I can’t “beat the rake.”  Bellagio helps me out with this in three different ways.  First, the maximum rake is $4 and they don’t rake the extra dollar for jackpots.  Secondly, the “max rake” is a much smaller percentage of the larger pots you see at a 10-20 limit game.  Finally, the rake doesn’t take the fourth dollar until the pot reaches larger amounts than the usual $40 level you find in many poker rooms.  $2 per hour comps do not break my heart, either.

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