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Profiting on March Madness

Profiting on March Madness


March Madness is the best time of the year, and there are a lot of chances to win big. We have 67 games played over the course of three weekends to watch and bet, so it’s a lot of fun for bettors. Besides the Super Bowl, March Madness is the best betting event of the year.


The NCAA Tournament will not be official for another week, but it’s never too early to start viewing and preparing your March Madness bracket. It takes a lot of skill to win bets during March Madness, and it’s easy to lose money on the tournament if you are not careful.


This is why it’s crucial to start placing bets and make smart wagers throughout the month. Here are some tips for profiting during March Madness.


Always Set a Limit


The first key to profiting may seem contradictory, but you are going to want to set a limit for your betting. Limits equate to losses in some people’s minds but hear me out. Every weekend, you should have a set limit of cash you are willing to spend. Once this limit is reached, you should not continue chasing your losses.


If you want to set aside secondary money, that is fine. However, this should be planned into your bankroll management. The worse thing you can do is chase losses because you make stupid decisions.


When people are losing bets, they often place a home run hitter to try and win back everything. This usually results in losses, so keep an eye on this when hammering bets. The limit you set should be an amount you are comfortable losing. If you build your bankroll by hitting bets, keep hammering wagers, but never go outside your means.


Everyone’s limit is different, but it’s always good to have a number that you do not surpass.


Focus on a Section of the Bracket


It’s impossible to know exactly what is going to happen in the NCAA Tournament. Anything can happen, which is evident every year when a Cinderella story occurs out of nowhere. Over 67 games, there are bound to be a lot of upsets.


Upsets are hard to predict, but they are easier to manage if you focus on a section of the bracket. If you want to parlay the first-round games, be my guest. However, this is not the way to seriously win money.


The best way to make cash is to focus on teams you have watched all-season or have a strong grasp of their talent. Most of the time, if you start betting on all the teams you have no clue about, it will result in losses.


Take Analysts’ Words with a Grain of Salt


Betting analysts give picks for a living, but this does not mean you should bet exactly what they say. It’s best to take in as much content as possible but also have your own opinions. If you love a team, but a betting analyst you follow is against them, it does not mean you are wrong.


Never switch your bet if you believe in it because when the wager hits, it will be frustrating. Trust in yourself for the best results. With this being said, it’s also beneficial not to go all-in on any team.


As I said before, anything can happen in the NCAA Tournament. You always want to bet with caution for this reason.


Balanced Teams Win


Offensive and defensive efficiency are two of the metrics you want to examine when betting on the NCAA Tournament. The best teams in March Madness are balanced whether they come from Power Five conferences or they are a mid-major program.


If you had to pick a more important side, it’s defense because a team cannot win if they do not score. If you keep all this in mind, you should have a successful NCAA Tournament betting perspective.


Best of luck with your NCAA Tournament betting!

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