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Sphere Las Vegas Transforms Corporate Events with Cutting-Edge Technology

Las Vegas’ Sphere has quickly risen to prominence as a revolutionary entertainment and corporate venue since its launch in September 2023. This June, the Sphere is set to host its first major corporate function, the keynote address by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) President and CEO Antonio Neri during the HPE Discover 2024 event. Scheduled for June 18, this event is expected to draw over 10,000 participants, echoing the attendance of the previous year.

The HPE Discover 2024 conference is a pivotal gathering for both business and government sectors, aiming to delve into the future of technology from AI applications from the edge to the cloud. It will highlight transformative innovations that are redefining professional and everyday settings.

Jim Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer at HPE, emphasized the significance of the venue and the event, stating, “Big moments call for bold moves. Sphere is the ideal setting for unveiling the next phase of our brand and introducing cutting-edge technologies that will empower organizations in the AI-driven future.”

The Sphere itself is an architectural and technological marvel. It boasts the Exosphere, the largest LED screen globally, composed of around 1.2 million LED pucks and capable of displaying over a billion colors. This feature has not only enhanced the Las Vegas skyline but also provided a dynamic platform for digital engagement.

Inside, the Sphere’s Atrium spans 5.7 million cubic feet, leading into a main bowl with seating for 17,600 people and surrounded by a massive 160,000 square foot LED screen that envelops the audience in a 360-degree visual experience. The venue is also equipped with the Sphere Immersive Sound system, ensuring clear and precise audio reaches every attendee, regardless of the event’s scale.

Jennifer Koester, President of Sphere Business Operations at Sphere Entertainment, highlighted the venue’s unique capacity to redefine corporate presentations, stating, “Sphere represents a new era in media and is an exceptional platform for businesses to educate and showcase. The upcoming HPE keynote is set to offer a customized experience that will elevate brand storytelling and set a new standard for corporate events.”

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