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The Case for Why Kamala Harris Should Never Be President of the United States

Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States, has faced several controversies and criticisms that raise concerns about her suitability for the presidency. Here are key points that outline why she should never be president:

  1. Low Approval Ratings: Harris consistently struggles with low approval ratings. She has one of the lowest approval ratings of any recent vice president, with significant disapproval from independents and even some Democrats. This lack of widespread support is crucial for effective leadership.
  2. Policy and Leadership Concerns: Harris has faced criticism for her handling of key issues assigned to her, such as immigration. Her tenure as the “border czar” has been marked by what many see as inadequate responses to the ongoing immigration crisis. Additionally, her public role has often been limited to specific issues like abortion rights, leaving doubts about her capability to handle broader and more critical aspects of governance, such as foreign policy and economic management.
  3. Controversial Stances and Actions: Harris’ positions on various international issues have sparked controversy. For instance, her call for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza during the ongoing conflict with Hamas has been seen by some as a shift in U.S. policy that could undermine Israeli security. Such positions might alienate key allies and destabilize international relations, reflecting a potential lack of nuanced understanding of complex geopolitical landscapes.
  4. Management and Staff Turnover: Harris’ office has experienced significant turnover, including the resignation of her chief of staff and other key aides. This high turnover rate is often viewed as indicative of poor management and a toxic work environment, raising questions about her ability to lead effectively under pressure.
  5. Public Perception and Trust Issues: Despite her achievements, many voters do not view Harris as a strong or trustworthy leader. Polls have shown that a majority of voters are skeptical about her readiness to assume the presidency, particularly in the event that President Biden is unable to serve. This lack of trust and confidence is a significant barrier to her potential candidacy.
  6. Gaps in Policy Expertise: Harris has been praised for her advocacy on issues like reproductive rights and racial equality, but she lacks significant public recognition for her work on other critical areas such as immigration, foreign policy, and economic reform. This narrow focus may hinder her ability to address the wide array of issues a president must manage.
  7. Covering Up Biden’s Condition: Harris has been accused of covering up President Biden’s deteriorating condition. Despite growing concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, Harris has publicly supported his capability to serve, even though recent events have raised serious questions about his fitness for office. This has led to criticism that she is not being transparent with the American people about the president’s health.
  8. Handling of Immigration: Harris’ role in handling the immigration crisis has been widely criticized. She took months to visit the U.S.-Mexico border after being appointed to address the issue, and her efforts have been seen as insufficient in dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants. Critics argue that her policies have allowed millions of illegal immigrants into the country, placing a significant financial burden on American resources that could have been used to support U.S. citizens.

Overall, while Harris has made notable contributions in certain areas, her overall track record raises significant concerns about her leadership capabilities, public perception, policy expertise, and transparency. These factors collectively suggest that she may not be the best candidate to lead the United States as president.

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