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The Power of Las Vegas: How It’s Attracting the Younger Generation

Las Vegas, located in the heart of the Nevada desert, it a glittery hub of activity attracting many people from all over the world. Over the past several decades, Las Vegas has had a longstanding relationship with gambling, with many people travelling to the region for that specific reason. With its grand casinos, luxury hotels and beautiful scenery, in recent years the appeal of Las Vegas doesn’t just resonate with older people. As more young people are visiting Las Vegas, it is worth delving into why in particular the destination is attracting the younger generation.

Las Vegas in recent years

In recent years there has been a huge shift in the demographic that Las Vegas is appealing to. In fact, the average age of visitors in 2022 was 40.7 years, down from 43.2 years in 2021. One of the reasons why Las Vegas is drawing in a younger, more diverse crowd is because of the impressive array of casinos that are available to try out such as Caesars Palace. While the luxurious and opulent casinos in Las Vegas have always remained dear with older people, now, they are much more attractive with the new generation.

 Due to the incorporation of modern technology, there is a vast amount of casino games available. With the younger generation favoring online technology they are more likely to utilize the technology they have at hand to check information the chances of winning a jackpot and the RTP (Return to Player) on their smartphones.

There are clear distinctions between the different generations when it comes to gambling, one of Las Vegas’ main attractions. Here we will how some defining characteristics of each generation.

Baby Boomers: Those born between 1946-1964:

  • Prefer traditional gambling venues
  • Prefer traditional Casino games like classic slot machines, poker tables and blackjack
  • Digital capabilities are lower than younger generation and they are less familiar with modern technology

Millennials: Those born between 1981-1996

  • Utilizes modern technology and the ready availability of online gambling platforms
  • Utilizes the online socializing aspects and multiplayer aspects of online games
  • Utilizes to frequent digital enhancements and new game features

Generation Z: Those born between 1997-2012

  • Utilizes the technological enhancements due to their knowledge in video games
  • Favors Esports and are the prime consumers for this specific niche
  • Utilizes the advancements in online payment options

Research predicted that Gen Z were going to be less likely to visit land-based casinos due to the decrease in numbers of Millennials in comparison to previous older generation. However, the ‘Las Vegas Profile study’ from 2023 shows that the younger generations gen Z and Millennials are more likely to explore more of Las Vegas like Downtown when they visit by 64%. This study also shows that 84% of those that visited Las Vegas were repeat visitors with only 16% visiting for the first time, with a considerable increase in visitors use of social media which works in Las Vegas’ favor as this will prompt more people to visit through influence.

Of course, although Las Vegas has always been associated with casinos and gambling activities, since the early 1990s, Las Vegas has focused more on generating revenue streams beyond gaming. This means putting a bigger emphasis on entertainment, food, and other amenities. On the Strip, there are many shows that are popular with young people such as the Cirque de Soleil and other musicals as well as live performers that put on quite a show. As younger people also have a tendency to elongate their holiday for as long as possible, the wonderful array of hotels in the area such as Bellagio Hotel and Casino have been popular with them.

Restaurants in Las Vegas

Restaurants in Las Vegas are likely to entice Gen-Z to visit thanks to their splendid scenery and wonderful, tasty dishes set in one of the most popular destinations in the world. For example, dining at the Top of the World restaurant located at the STRAT hotel, Casino and SkyPod is a truly unique experience that offers stunning views of the city from a height, by revolving 360 degrees every 80 minutes. Not only are there a catalogue of great dishes to choose from, but as the younger generation tend to share snippets of their lives on social media platforms such as Instagram, this restaurant also allows them to snap stunning pictures of the Las Vegas skyline. Beer Park is another great place to visit with over 100 beers and various cocktails. With younger people becoming more interested in sports, there is also a spot designated for sports viewing which has been successful in bringing young sports fans together.

How have the new generation impacted various other industries?

Furthermore, many industries have had to adapt to a new generation in Las Vegas. One of the reasons why businesses operating in Las Vegas are appealing to new generations is because they are able to use various social media platforms to reach millennials. Years ago, word of mouth was the most common method of getting people to visit new places. Nowadays, platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter are being used to market Las Vegas. As the younger generations such as Gen Z are more likely to use these platforms, they are becoming more interested in checking out what Las Vegas has to offer.

In addition, brands that are popular in Las Vegas are now relying on modern technology such as augmented reality to appeal to younger people. The line between the digital world and the real world is blurring as the younger generation wants to experience developing technology. Augmented reality insights provide marketers with the tools to predict attention and tailor their creatives for maximum impact. This means that Las Vegas is marketed to younger people taking into consideration their personal preferences and interests. This has resonated with the new generation as they are more likely to want to go to a place where they can enjoy themselves and when they know their needs are being catered for.

Ultimately, Las Vegas is not just a magnet for older people as it has now appealed to a younger crowd. From using social media to appeal to the new generation to having a range of attractions such as casinos and restaurants, there are many reasons why Las Vegas is likely to attract younger people. As the new generation is so different compared to previous generations, it is likely that more moves will be made to ensure that they find Las Vegas appealing in the coming years. Marketing will be the main influence in attracting younger generations and Las Vegas will continue to cater their entertainment to younger generation niches and acts.

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