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The Traveling Diabetic

It’s difficult to control any aspect of a diet while traveling. If you’re consuming foods at freeway exits, airports, and hotel lobbies you’ll likely be “blowing it” no matter your diet.

You can maintain full control over your food intake at full service restaurants, but not at faster restaurants.

Two good, fast, inexpensive solutions for diabetic travelers are chicken wings and spring rolls.

Buffalo Wild Wings medium-sized order of Traditional Wings with their Medium Sauce is only 6 carbs (grams of carbohydrates).  You can add their veggies sticks and a side salad with ranch dressing at a very low carb count as well.  

Be careful switching to boneless wings because the carbs jump from 6 to 96 in the above medium/ medium example.

Spring roll carbs can vary by a factor of four.  There are usually very few carbs inside a spring roll.  It’s the skin that matters.  Spring roll skins can vary from 8 carbs up to 32 carbs.  Rolls with 8 carbs use one layer of skin while some rolls can use two to four skins on one roll.

When we’re served a spring roll with multiple layers of skins, we peel the roll down to one layer.  In our opinion, this practice enjoys the dual benefit of reducing carbs and enhancing the taste.  Removing excess skin layers accentuates the taste of the interior ingredients and likely reduces the carbs to single digits per roll.

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