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Top 20 Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

Here is an extensive, detailed list of the top 20 tattoo shops in Las Vegas. These shops are known for their talented artists, quality work, and positive customer reviews. Please note that while these shops have been highly regarded, it’s always recommended to research and visit their websites or social media pages for the most up-to-date information and to view the artists’ portfolios before making a decision:

  1. Club Tattoo at Miracle Mile Shops: A popular tattoo studio offering a wide range of styles and featuring experienced artists known for their attention to detail and creativity.
  2. Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. at The Hard Rock Hotel: Founded by Carey Hart, a renowned freestyle motocross rider, this shop combines rock and roll culture with exceptional tattoo artistry.
  3. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery: Known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery houses talented artists who excel in various tattoo styles, including traditional, blackwork, and realism.
  4. Downtown Tattoo: A long-standing shop in the heart of Las Vegas, Downtown Tattoo has a team of skilled artists who specialize in custom designs and take pride in creating unique and meaningful tattoos.
  5. Chrome Gypsy Tattoo: This boutique-style studio is recognized for its clean and professional environment, and its artists are celebrated for their ability to translate clients’ ideas into beautiful tattoos.
  6. Revolt Tattoos: With a team of versatile artists, Revolt Tattoos offers a wide range of styles, from traditional to neo-traditional, black and gray, and vibrant color work.
  7. West Coast Tattoo Parlor: Located in the Arts District, West Coast Tattoo Parlor is known for its talented artists and commitment to providing clients with memorable tattoo experiences.
  8. Skin Design Tattoo: Led by renowned tattoo artist Robert Pho, Skin Design Tattoo is celebrated for its exceptional custom tattoo designs and commitment to delivering artwork that exceeds expectations.
  9. King Ink at The Mirage: A high-end tattoo studio founded by renowned artist Mario Barth, King Ink offers a luxurious setting and a team of skilled artists who excel in various tattoo styles.
  10. Starlight Tattoo at The Mirage: With a reputation for exceptional customer service, Starlight Tattoo houses a talented group of artists who create unique and eye-catching tattoo designs.
  11. Precious Slut Tattoo: This cozy and inviting tattoo shop is known for its friendly atmosphere and talented artists who are adept at creating custom designs to suit their clients’ visions.
  12. Pussycat Tattoo Parlor: With a team of skilled female artists, Pussycat Tattoo Parlor provides a comfortable and inclusive environment for clients to receive personalized and stunning tattoos.
  13. Scorpion Tattooing: Established in 1993, Scorpion Tattooing is one of the oldest tattoo shops in Las Vegas, renowned for its experienced artists who specialize in a variety of tattoo styles.
  14. Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor: This vibrant and artistic shop focuses on creating custom tattoos that showcase clients’ individuality, with a team of skilled artists who are passionate about their craft.
  15. American Nightmare Tattoo Gallery: Known for its dark and edgy aesthetic, American Nightmare Tattoo Gallery specializes in bold and intricate blackwork, as well as neo-traditional and realism tattoos.
  16. Downtown Tattoo & Piercing: A respected establishment in the downtown area, this shop offers a range of tattoo styles and also provides professional piercing services.
  17. Staytrue Tattoo Parlor: With a focus on clean lines and solid colors, Staytrue Tattoo Parlor’s artists excel in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, creating bold and timeless designs.
  18. Naked City Tattoo: Located near the Las Vegas Strip, Naked City Tattoo boasts a team of talented artists who can bring clients’ ideas to life with their exceptional tattooing skills.
  19. Voodoo Monkey Tattoo: Known for its vibrant and imaginative designs, Voodoo Monkey Tattoo offers custom tattoos in various styles, from traditional to illustrative and beyond.
  20. Heritage Tattoo: This welcoming tattoo studio features a diverse group of artists who specialize in different styles, ensuring clients can find the perfect artist to bring their tattoo ideas to fruition.

These tattoo shops in Las Vegas have earned a solid reputation for their talented artists, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service. When choosing a tattoo artist, it’s crucial to do your own research, review portfolios, and consider personal recommendations to find the best match for your style and vision.

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