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Vote Them All Out

Folks criticize me for voting every incumbent and incumbent party out every election, regardless of party. Here are four non-partisan issues. Until they’re solved, give the next candidate a shot.

Roads: I-15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is so congested that traffic is stopped in the middle of the desert most Fridays and Sundays. Traffic dead stopped in the middle of the desert. Our elected officials do not get stopped. They’re flying overhead in private jets. The same is true across the country. Des Moines to the Quad Cities is just as bad. It’s the same everywhere.

Audit the Pentagon: Elected officials explain that the Pentagon is too big and complicated to audit. I call bullshit on this. Period.

Audit the Federal Reserve: Elected officials and Fed banks say the Federal Reserve is above the law or there’s no need to audit them. Again, bullshit.

Waste, Fraud, and Abuse: For decades people have been laughed at by the DC media and elected officials for suggested that we can make meaningful reductions in waste, fraud, and abuse.

Do I risk kicking a good legislator out of office? As long as the above four conditions exist, how good are they?

The only defense we have is the voting booth. I use my chance every time. If only 8 to 10% of voters joined me, we may only have to do it once to send the right message.

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