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Understanding Nevada Health Insurance & Healthcare


Here’s a quick, informative article from Michael Haug, a friend of ours and respected independent health insurance agent licensed in the state of Nevada. Call 301-647-8111. Michael is certified for both on-exchange and off-exchange assistance. More contact information at bottom.

In 1993 I started working in the financial/insurance field. In those 25 years I have seen many changes to the industry that were both good and bad. The most significant change was the Affordable Care Act (ACA) known as Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act abandoned many individuals, families, and small businesses. Though Obamacare ( is a great option for those that are lower income and have major preexisting conditions it hinders those that are relatively healthy and make a decent living. I’m proud to represent USHADVISORS and the the #1 Insurance Company of the Nation.

Press Release:
Company Video Introduction –

We are the alternative solution to OBAMACARE. By offering premiums at economical prices compared to the market place while having more benefits for those premiums we are… See more

Michael Haug is an independent health insurance agent licensed in the state of Nevada and certified for both on-exchange and off-exchange assistance. 
He can be contacted at 301-674-8111 or 

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