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Island Malaysian Cuisine

Island on Spring Mountain in Chinatown serves authentic Malaysian dishes that match the food you find in Malaysia and Singapore. Nearly all patrons are local regulars from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc) so you can be assured of authenticity along with reasonable prices and a casual environment.  Two national dishes of Singapore (Malaysia’s neighbor) are Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chili Crab. These are my favorite items at Island, plus the Char Kway Tow (stir fried meat, vegetables and noodles, Southeast Asian style).

The Chili Crab is messy to eat (with your hands), but is a taste you won’t find anywhere else in Vegas. In addition, Penang Garden in San Francisco is the only Chili Crab rival my wife and I have found in the United States. Tess and her husband cook a live crab in chili gravy. You cannot decide which is better, the chili-flavored crab meat or the roti dipped in crab-infused Chili gravy. Oh my, is this an exquisite dish!

The Hainanese Chicken Rice is the most famous dish in Singapore. No Singaporean will ever admit that any chicken rice is as good outside Singapore hawker centers, and even I concede that. But Island’s chicken rice comes close. It’s certainly close enough that it’s one my Island favorites.

American tastes wanting to play it safe would enjoy the chicken rice, the roti (thin, warm bread) and the coconut gel dessert (served in an actual coconut).

Singapore cuisine is a mix of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese cultures. And all different Chinese provinces are represented in Singapore. Consequently, there is no such thing as a truly “Singapore restaurant.” All Singaporeans I know look with suspicion when they see a restaurant call itself Singaporean. In fact, due to its one-of-a-kind cultural mix described above, no two restaurants in Singapore are the same.

In America you will rarely encounter Singaporeans because there are only 4 million people in Singapore and life is simply too good to leave it. But nearly every time we dine at Island we find at least one table of Singaporeans.

Island Malaysian Cuisine
5115 Spring Mountain Road, STE #217
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 898-3388

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  1. I totally agree with your review Staff writer, me and my hubby discovered this treasure 5 and half years ago, I do all the cooking mainly malaysian style food as I have no other choice till I discovered Island restaurant previously called Penang Restaurant, I just love the taste without the MSG, the Char Keow Teow is absolutely delicious as well as Wa Tan Ho, deep fried flat noodles in white egg gravy either seafood or chicken I love this dish one of my favs…

    Another dish sambal petai this is for the adventurous, you would have bad breath after consuming it but I as a Malaysian just love it. I was really happy to find this place as I crave malaysian cooking at times when I am too tired to cook a certain dish. The variety of menu they have is vast, one of the best malaysian food I have tasted without any MSG, I would say comparatively better than some malaysian food as in malaysia MSG is still widely use as a taste enhancer which is unhealthy plus I am actually allergic to that substance I get super dizzy and headache consuming any foods that contain excessive MSG.

    I refer all my friends, relatives and every one I know to try eating at this place and so far all has enjoyed it even caucasian friends of mine and other culture too.

    I wish tess and her hubby all the best and that they will be prosperous in their business and an upcoming boba business they are in the process of. When you get to know the owners they become like family a typical Malaysian friendly culture we warm up to people quickly when we get to know them something I find it very different in the west, people are more reserve and takes a long time to develop a deep friendship. I think it has to do also with the different culture and fast pace lifestyle especially in larger cities.

  2. BrendanMagone says:

    Ariel, many thanks for your detailed comment! I am passing this on to our staff writer, too, who I know will appreciate it. Cheers, Brendan

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