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Calico Hills Ridgeline, Red Rock National Park


Want a cool Red Rock hike that avoids the crowds and long loop through Red Rock? Calico Hills Ridgeline.

You can access it through Calico Basin, a mile before the official park entrance. (A mile after if you’re coming from Blue Diamond.)


Pictured above is a good friend and hiking buddy, Barry Ostrowsky. Barry has been hiking and rock climbing around Calico Basin nearly every week for over fifteen years. I’m not sure if you can find someone who knows the area better.

Barry has taken me on several hikes in Calico Basin, and this is the first one I’ve posted here. More to come.


Once you turn onto Calico Basin road, you simply drive a few miles in and you’ll start seeing various trailheads. The very first one gives easy access to Calico Hills Ridgeline.

This is 75% hike, 25% scramble. I would call it an easy scramble, provided you hike carefully. I clocked myself at 20 minutes to get to the top; I imagine the average hiker would take 25; a beginner 30-35.

Since there is scrambling or bouldering involved, you do need to watch your step carefully. That said, after three years of hiking around Red Rock, I usually find the rock to be extremely grip-friendly provided you have on light hikers or regular hiking shoes.


Above is West view, below East view.


Once on top of the ridgeline, you can bounce around for awhile, scaling it like a dinosaur’s skeleton.

Here’s a video from one vantage point up top:

Visit Red Rock National Conservational Area Website


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