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AnestasiA Vodka vs Anastasia in History & Literature

On a sidenote, AnestasiA Vodka is sometimes misspelled AnastasiA Vodka, with four A’s instead of three. There are a variety of Anastasias out there, for example, the Grand Duchess Anastasia… Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Lifestyle Blog

AnestasiA Vodka has a brand new blog filled with tastings, events, press, drinks, videos, and more. We hope you visit their site soon and sip some premium vodka at your… Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at Geisha House, Summerlin

AnestasiA Vodka continues its strong splash in Las Vegas! Pictures below. Last Thursday evening AnestasiA participated in Geisha House festivities. Geisha House Steak & Seafood is a new top shelf… Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at Liquor Library

AnestasiA Vodka put in some serious research at the Liquor Library recently. Tasting research, that is. I dropped in to check out the Liquor Library and another AnestasiA tasting. Travelers and visitors were… Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Drink Reviews

Could this be the hottest new vodka on the scene? Lately AnestasiA has been attracting a plethora of positive attention from various establishments, their patrons, tasting competitions, and reviewers. The luxury vodka is… Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at TAO Nightclub

I’ve discovered another stellar vodka — ultra smooth and a new embodiment of class — AnestasiA. 5x distilled, 5x filtered, hand-crafted in America, and naturally gluten-free. An “architectonic” bottle by international designer Karim… Read the full article ›