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College Basketball Picks, John Fisher Top Handicapper

John Fisher is still on fire. Last ten days 8-1 Guarantees, 16-6 Overall. Below are his notes on various picks over last ten days:

Nebraska  is 7-14 ATS and Maryland is 8-13 ATS so these are two teams to usually go against. Maryland is awful ATS at Home 3-9 but Nebraska is just as worse on the Road at 1-7. Look at these latest away loss results by Nebraska … Wisconsin 15..Michigan 14…Minnesota 18….Penn State 13….Purdue 12……I see a trend here. Maryland has been wining close games at Home because they keep letting teams stay in the game via 3 ball and bad transition defense. Lucky for them Nebraska is not good at either. Look for Maryland to finally have a game that is not so close. Love this 4 Star play.

Md -8

Md  69-65

Joke….Nebraska will never make 11 threes the rest of the season. Book it!


Wanted to see if this would go below 6 points. This will be my GUARANTEE play of the day. I find it’s more advantageous to play on REVENGE DOGS when at Home. This game is Away for Portland. Portland was handled in their crib just two weeks ago by St Mary’s . The significant factor was the second half. The Gaels completely shut down Portland in second half out scoring them 44-33. Portland shot 4 threes in the last ten minutes just to keep it from being a total laugher. At Home St Mary’s is extremely aggressive. I have the winning between 9-14 points here. Waldow will have a better game. Portland is no slouch. They have won 4 in a row and always seem to be in most games. These teams are very comparable in pace and style and make up. In the end I will rely on Home Court and overall quality of Saint Mary’s to take care of business . Like I mentioned St Mary’s I posed there will I’m the second half and look to over match Portland. GUARANTEE

St Mary’s -6

St Mary’s 68-51 7th Straight Guarantee Winner


Seton Hall is spiraling down with 5 straight losses but more significantly their locker room is in dismay. Gibbs has been suspended Sina is out with injury and Mobley also doubtful. Carrington is the only ball handler and he has hit the wall and fades in second half of games. On the other hand you have a Saint Johns team that is still in the hunt for the tournament and needs to Impress. This also fits my Revenge Home team with a better defense. Seniors Harrison, Pointer, and Greene will be ready and the Red Storm will win this game by DDs. It will be difficult to replace 32 Pts and 11 assists that came with the Halls victory over St Johns earlier this year with Gibbs and Sina productions. GUARANTEE

ST. JOHNS -8.5

St Johns 85 Seton Hall 72



XAVIER escaped victory versus the Bearcats with solid three point shooting in first half In their last game. Butler used their staple defense to defeat Creighton without the services of Chrabascz who is injured. This is significant. He scored 19 important points in their last meeting with XAVIER as Butler won by DDs. Another revenge game situation here with Home seeking the revenge. Butler won’t beat themselves so it’s important  for Myles Davis to contribute here as he was just limited to 12 minutes last game. With a healthy Myles Davis and a big edge is size without AC for Butler look for Butler to finally lose a game Away by more then 3 pts. 5 stars

We made out BIG today as both 10 stars and a 50 star hit!


Xavier blows out Butler by 20


LSU dominated Florida with the Gatprs top two players playing in Smith and Frazier. Today they will not have the services of them and will coast do another DD victory. This is my second strongest play. Yes, Florida seems to play in a ton of close games but they were not even close in their crib versus Mickey and Martin and the Tigers. No contest here. Go heavy as well in this game. In fact, this is equal to the Seton Hall / Saint Johns play. 10 STARS

LSU -4

LSU 70-63



As most know by now my Totals have kept me from going +3000 units this year and instead have me just in the top 3. However, combined with my GUARANTEES I have been the most profitable HC this year and that’s where it counts. But yes… total plays have been horrendous. I have only done 20 and I am a sizzling 4-16. Five of those losses were Under plays that went into OT. But still…as even my close followers and players say..stay away From Fisher on his TOTAL plays.

The game. This will always be a 3 STAR play. I will go to the window today with a small play on the UNDER. Seminoles and Cavs play very deliberate and there will be very little possessions and opportunities for both teams to love on the FT line. Seminoles have the size to force Cavaliers to shoot outside. Without Anderson they lose their 49% 3 point shooting. Florida State you can have an empty gym they won’t hit 3 pointers. They rank 290 in the Nation at 30% and when playing teams that give under 33% they shoot 26%.

Look ok for teams to struggle on getting 30 Pts per half.


Nailed …yahhh…a total play




UCONN has a tendency to really struggle getting quality shits and turns the ball over too much to be looked at as a heavy favorite. However, this game follows an interesting pattern where they tend to lose two straight Away games only to come Home and make a quality bounce back. I like them to get out in front and take a DD lead by halftime. They will hold on even with their negative tendencies. They beat Tulane by 9 points in their crib can’t see why they let be less then 3 points at Home. Uconn needs to win out to be consider a legit Tournament team. Look for them to show here and hit 8 + threes in this game. They just attempted 9 because they were allowed to dribble drive a lot in the game. 4 STARS

Iconn -11

Final Uconn 67-60

Tulane made 10 threes to make the cover….right play wrong result….



The Public is ALL OVER The SPARTANS. However, this is an Illinois team that is 13-3 at Home SU. To a man with the exception of Dawson I believe Illinois is tougher in every position. SPARTANS have more skilled players but when playing a game like this it will come down to turn overs and FTs. Illinois doesn’t go to the line much but will in this game being at Home and the Spartans propensity to foul. Illinois ranks number 1 in the Nation from the line shooting almost 80%. Both teams like the three point shot and are equal in that dept on offense. This line should be 1.5 for Illinois favor. They beat the SPARTANS in their crib and never showed signs of ever being outplayed by MSU. This is my GUARANTEE PLAY…Going  FOR 9 in a row!

Msu -3

MSU 60-53

Spartans hit 85% of Fts. Had to happen otherwise no cover no win really. We finally lose our Guarantee……wasn’t my strongest but nonetheless a Guarantee play. Two yesterday really helped us cash in heavy. Losing day today but an incredible week!, enjoy!!



Last 10 days we went 8-1 Guarantee and 16-6 Overall…..

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