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Comic Relief at Red Rock


Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Red Rock Poker Room was active tonight with 2-4 limit, 4-8 limit, 1-2 and 2-5 no limit.  That’s a fairly common combination of games for Red Rock.

The strip’s international flavor and festive moods are generally more appealing to me.  Tonight, however, we gave a local neighborhood casino a try.  In the first orbit at 4-8 limit it was clear that seat 2 was angry that seat 6 wasn’t playing, seat 3 was miffed about everything that moved, seat 9 was upset that a “Missed Blind” button was wrong, and seat 10 was livid that seat 5’s eye surgery story couldn’t possibly be right.  As the floor supervisor approached our table for the 2nd time in one orbit, I busted out laughing at this slapstick scene, quickly cashed in my chips, and drove home.  The comic relief was worth the trip.

Maintaining some perspective and a sense of humor is important in poker and in life.

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