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Mamma Mia! Tropicana

You’ll love this musical! Funny, sweet, endearing, with talented performers showcasing powerful voices, plus foot-clapping hip-swinging music!

The theatre is comfortable, too, with spacious uniform seating and booths up front.

Mamma Mia Theatre, Booth Seats, Tropicana Las Vegas

A friend and I went on a Tuesday night. The show packs them in even on weekdays.

Entrance Tropicana Theatre, Mamma Mia, Las Vegas

At the end, the entire cast comes out for a few song & dance numbers, and most of the audience stood up and danced along!

After the show, many people popped into the lounge just outside the theatre. My friend and I went as well, enjoying a few drinks and dancing some more.

Tropicana Lounge, Next to Mamma Mia, Las Vegas

Warning:  Mamma Mia! is infectious. You’re liable to be singing and dancing the rest of the evening…

Tropicana Mamma Mia Website

Mamma Mia, Tropicana Theatre, Las Vegas


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