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New Vista, Blind Center of Nevada, Grace Olutunde Volunteer

There are lots of great causes in Las Vegas beyond the bright lights, and here are two of them, New Vista and Blind Center of Nevada. We recently met a positive young volunteer, Grace Olutunde, who sat down with us to discuss why she gets involved in community efforts.

New Vista, Las Vegas

Blind Center of Nevada

Grace Olutunde, a native of Iowa with Nigerian ancestry, moved to Las Vegas to pursue a passion in the medical & nursing field, as well as interests in accounting. She also said she’s always had an interest in the positive work charities do for society. So soon after moving to Las Vegas she started volunteering with New Vista and the Blind Center of Nevada.

“I wanted to get the feeling of Las Vegas beyond the strip. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone while also contributing to the community.”

Grace Olutunde, Volunteer for New Vista & Blind Center, Las Vegas  Grace Olutunde, Volunteer for New Vista & Blind Center, Las Vegas

Grace told me about New Vista’s Wine Walk, a new favorite around town for locals. I plan to attend the next one for a story on Las Vegas Top Picks. She also mentioned the Blind Center’s upcoming 4th Annual Imagine Gala. Mayor Carolyn Goodman, and her husband and past Mayor, Oscar Goodman, will attend. See picture and description below.

New Vista, Wine Walk, Las Vegas

Blind Center, Save The Date, Las Vegas

Both these causes are clearly admirable and help build better communities. We encourage more people to volunteer, and we find it refreshing that such an enthusiastic, promising volunteer of just twenty years old, Grace Olutunde, is already putting her time and heart into making a difference locally.

Visit New Vista

Visit Blind Center Nevada

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