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Platino Menswear, Bellagio

Platino Menswear, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Platino Menswear carries a wide variety of prestigious brands, including Zilli, Ravazzolo, Belvest, Gerlin, Artioli, and Brioni. They are located inside the Bellagio Hotel, along the Pool Promenade, not far from the O Theatre and Bellagio Poker Room. Open every day 10a.m. to 10p.m. — 702-866-6790.

Platino Mens Suits, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Platino offers outerwear, business suits, casual and dinner coats, sport and dress shirts, casual and dress shoes, knitwear, and a large collection of silk ties. A tailor is on-site, ready to give you a precise and perfect fit.

Platino Entrance, Grand Opening, Bellagio Vegas

You can also peruse their online catalog. Platino Online

Roy Boulos, Platino Bellagio, Las Vegas

A good friend of mine, Roy Boulos, works at Platino nearly every day. Roy is a suit, cigar, and spirits connoisseur. You won’t find a more friendly and more refined gentleman. I’ve been to the store several times, including their grand opening, where they had violin players, champagne, and Vegas’ elite dropped by, including Bobby Baldwin and Larry Ruvo.

Platino Grand Opening, Violin Players, Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

I currently wear two suits from Platino. They’re both light, comfortable, well-constructed, cool even in Vegas heat, and of course, stylish and sharp.

Brendan Magone, Platino Bellagio, Las Vegas

Brendan Magone, Founder & CEO of Las Vegas Top Picks

Brendan Magone, Platino Grand Opening, Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Platino Ties, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Platino Artioli Shoes, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

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