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Christmas Exhibit, Bellagio Conservatory

Some of the merriest, brightest faces you’ll find are those strolling through the Bellagio Conservatory during the Christmas holiday. No bah-humbugs in here! Their 2014 Christmas Exhibit enchants young and... Read the full article ›

Building Community Green to Make Life Better

Here’s the introduction of the “Building Community Green to Make Life Better, Annual Report July 2013,” sent to me by the City of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is making amazing... Read the full article ›

City Sustainability

Las Vegas is going green! Actually they’ve been shifting towards sustainability for several years now, and building a path to net-zero waste. Here’s some information the City of Las Vegas recently sent... Read the full article ›

Sustainable Las Vegas

Launching Fall 2015, Sustainable Las Vegas: Similar to Las Vegas Top Picks, Sustainable Las Vegas will showcase sustainable practices and sustainability around the city.  We believe sustainability is the... Read the full article ›

Container Park, Downtown District

Container Park is a children’s mini-wonderland mixed with adult attractions, including eateries, shopping, boutiques, and comfortable patio furniture from which to watch your little ones. Free, fun, and sustainable. (After 9pm no... Read the full article ›

A1 Organics Recycling

  PLEASE NOTE, A1 ORGANICS IS NO LONGER OPERATING IN LAS VEGAS. PLEASE VISIT TERRA FIRMA ORGANICS. Las Vegas is getting greener, and A1 Organics plays a major role in recycling,... Read the full article ›