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Wicked Tango at Pub 1842 MGM

One of many marvelous aspects of Las Vegas is all the fun tastings! It’s easy to find your fancy among beer, vodka, whiskey, sake, tequila, moonshine, fine wine, and more. Mix in all the mixologists pouring into this town—crafting their own creations—and you have a festive, wide-ranging drinking environment. Pictures and links below.

I recently swung by Pub 1842 at the MGM Grand. I thought it might be an ordinary pub until I took one bite of their burger–wow! Clearly premium and the best burger I’ve had in a year. I hear they have numerous fantastic items on the menu.

Wicked Tango was there with various “Wicked” drinks, plus a raffle and cool promos. I ordered a Waxing Gibbous. Ingredients: Wicked Tango Moonshine, Lillet Rose, and Grapefruit Bitters. A lovely little drink that waxed the work edge right off.

I met some of the Wicked team—fun friendly folks. They and the Pub 1842 ladies were making sure the crowd was well-fed and well-served with drink. Please visit the links below to learn more about Wicked Tango events at Pub 1842.  Cheers!

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