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Wynn Country Club Steakhouse


Country Club Steakhouse at the Wynn: A Culinary Haven of Classic Elegance

Address: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Nestled within the opulent enclave of the Wynn Las Vegas, the Country Club Steakhouse stands as a beacon of refined dining and timeless luxury. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip, this establishment is a harmonious fusion of traditional steakhouse aesthetics and modern sophistication. With an emphasis on top-notch ingredients, impeccable service, and an ambiance that exudes both warmth and exclusivity, the Country Club Steakhouse offers an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of indulgence.

Ambiance and Atmosphere: Stepping into the Country Club Steakhouse is akin to entering a world of polished elegance. The interior design seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, featuring rich wooden furnishings, plush leather seating, and ambient lighting that creates an inviting atmosphere. The restaurant boasts a stunning view of the meticulously manicured Wynn Golf Course, enhancing the sense of serenity and escape from the bustling energy of Las Vegas.

Menu Highlights: The culinary offerings at the Country Club Steakhouse are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence. The menu is a carefully curated selection of prime cuts of meat, seasonal ingredients, and artisanal creations that cater to diverse palates. Here are some highlights from the menu:

  1. Signature Steaks: The heart of the menu lies in the selection of prime, perfectly aged steaks that are masterfully cooked to order. From tender filet mignon to robust ribeye, each cut is a celebration of flavor and texture, showcasing the skillful craftsmanship of the chefs.
  2. Seafood Delicacies: While steak takes center stage, the Country Club Steakhouse also offers an array of exquisite seafood options. Freshly sourced oysters, succulent lobster tails, and buttery sea bass are just a few examples of the seafood treasures available.
  3. Farm-to-Table Creations: The culinary team embraces the farm-to-table ethos, incorporating seasonal ingredients into creative appetizers, salads, and sides. Expect vibrant salads with locally sourced produce and innovative vegetarian options.
  4. Decadent Desserts: The dining experience at Country Club Steakhouse culminates in a sweet symphony of desserts. Indulge in velvety chocolate mousse, classic crème brûlée, or their signature dessert creations that add a delightful touch of sweetness to the meal.
  5. Thoughtfully Crafted Wine List: Complementing the culinary offerings is an extensive wine list that spans a spectrum of varietals and regions. The restaurant’s sommeliers are on hand to help guests choose the perfect wine pairing to elevate their dining experience.

Impeccable Service: The Country Club Steakhouse at the Wynn prides itself on delivering a level of service that matches the grandeur of its setting. The attentive and knowledgeable staff members are dedicated to ensuring that every guest’s needs are met, from suggesting the ideal wine pairing to accommodating dietary preferences and special occasions.

Reservations and Dress Code: Given the popularity of the Country Club Steakhouse, reservations are highly recommended. The restaurant maintains a smart-casual dress code, reflecting the sophisticated ambiance while allowing guests to feel comfortable.

In essence, the Country Club Steakhouse at the Wynn is a haven for discerning diners seeking a culinary experience that fuses tradition with innovation. From the panoramic golf course views to the delectable cuisine and impeccable service, every aspect of this establishment harmonizes to create a memorable and luxurious dining journey that encapsulates the essence of Las Vegas extravagance.

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